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This is a list of games that have been favorited by members of the Chess Variant Pages. If you have your own favorites you enjoy playing, you can favorite them with the ♥ menu on the page for each game you wish to favorite. This is a community project, not just a selection of games by the editors. Even if your favorites are already on the list, mark them as favorites anyway. Numbers count. Raise your favorite games higher in the list by casting your votes for them. See below for details on selecting your favorites. In the list below, the number of people favoriting a game precedes the link, and if you're signed in, a solid red heart is used to distinguish your favorites from the others.

35 - Shogi.
The Japanese form of Chess, in which players get to keep and replay captured pieces.
25 - Chess.
The rules of chess.
24 - Xiangqi (象棋): Chinese Chess.
Links and rules for Xiangqi (Chinese Chess).
22 - Chu Shogi.
Historic Japanese favorite, featuring a multi-capturing Lion
19 - Chess with Different Armies by Ralph Betza.
Betza's classic variant where white and black play with different sets of pieces
18 - Alice Chess by Vernon Parton.
Classic Variant where pieces switch between two boards whenever they move
15 - Grand Chess by Christian Freeling.
Christian Freeling's popular large chess variant on 10 by 10 board. Rules and links.
15 - Janggi: Korean Chess.
The variant of chess played in Korea.
15 - Shako by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Cannons and elephants are added in variant on 10 by 10 board.
13 - Rococo by Peter Aronson and David Howe.
A clear, aggressive Ultima variant on a 10x10 ring board
13 - Eurasian Chess by Fergus Duniho.
Synthesis of European and Asian forms of Chess
12 - Spartan Chess by Steven Streetman.
A game with unequal armies.
12 - Metamachy by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Large game with a variety of regular fairy pieces
12 - Sovereign Chess by Mark Bates.
Ten neutral armies can be activated on this 16 x 16 board
11 - Fischer Random Chess by Robert Fischer.
Play from a random setup
11 - Makruk (Thai chess).
Rules and information.
11 - Omega Chess by DanielMacdonald.
Rules for commercial chess variant on board with 104 squares.
11 - Pocket Mutation Chess by Michael Nelson.
Take one of your pieces off the board, maybe change it, keep it in reserve, and drop it on the board later.
11 - Falcon Chess by George Duke.
Game on an 8x10 board with a new piece: The Falcon
11 - Opulent Chess by Greg Strong.
A derivative of Grand Chess with additional jumping pieces (Lion and Wizard)
10 - Glinski's Hexagonal Chess by Wladyslaw Glinski.
Chess on a board made out of hexagons.
10 - Tamerlane chess.
A well-known historic large variant of Shatranj.
10 - Caïssa Britannia by Fergus Duniho.
British themed variant with Lions, Unicorns, Dragons, Anglican Bishops, and a royal Queen.
10 - Gross Chess by Fergus Duniho.
A big variant with a small learning curve
9 - Courier Chess.
A large historic variant from Medieval Europe
9 - Shatranj.
The widely played Arabian predecessor of modern chess.
9 - Ultima by Robert Abbott.
Game where each type of piece has a different capturing ability. Also called Baroque.
9 - Centennial Chess by John Brown.
10x10 Variant that adds Camels, Stewards, Rotating Spearmen and Murray Lions to the standard mix
9 - Expanded Chess by Daniel Zacharias.
An attempt at a logical expansion of Chess to a 10x10 board
8 - Crazyhouse.
A two-player version of Bughouse.
8 - Wildebeest Chess by R. Schmittberger.
Variant on an 10 by 11 board with extra jumping pieces.
8 - Opulent Lemurian Shatranj by David Paulowich.
Joe Joyce's Shaman and Hero pieces are now on a larger board.
8 - Shogun Chess by Daniel Lee.
Pieces promote and can be dropped, similar to Shogi
8 - Terachess II by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
An unrealistic summit on a very large board of 16x16 squares and 128 pieces
8 - Wormhole Chess by Fergus Duniho.
When a piece leaves a square, it `folds' together
7 - Bughouse.
4 player variant where pieces taken from your opponent are given to your partner.
7 - Capablanca's chess by Jose Capablanca.
An enlarged chess variant, proposed by Capablanca
7 - Janus Chess by Werner Schoendorf.
Variant on 10 by 8 board.
7 - Dimension X by Gary Gifford.
Chess on two planes - one with the usual chess pieces, the other with spooky trans-dimensional pieces with strange interactions
7 - Great Shatranj by Joe Joyce.
Great Shatranj
7 - Apothecary Chess-Modern by Aurelian Florea.
Large board variant obtained through tinkering with known games
7 - Chaturanga.
The first known variant of chess.
7 - Grande Acedrex.
A large variant from 13th century Europe.
7 - Jetan - Martian Chess by Edgar Burroughs.
Martian Chess, coming from the book The Chessmen of Mars.
7 - Tamerlane II by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Modern variant based upon ancient large chess variant.
7 - TenCubed Chess by David Paulowich.
Variant on 10 by 10 board with combination pieces
7 - Tenjiku Shogi.
Fire Demons burn surrounding enemies, Generals capture jumping many pieces
6 - Dragonchess by Gary Gygax.
A three-dimensional fantasy variant.
6 - McCooey's Hexagonal chess by Dave McCooey.
Chess on a board, made out of hexes. Variant of Dave McCooey.
6 - Raumschach by Dr. Ferdinand Maack.
The classical variant of three-dimensional chess: 5 by 5 by 5.
6 - Apothecary Chess-Classic by Aurelian Florea.
Large board variant obtained through tinkering with known games
6 - Arimaa by Omar Syed and Aamir Syed.
Board game playable with standard chess set, hard for computers
6 - Brouhaha by Greg Strong.
Like Chess, but it really brings the ruckus!
6 - Cetran Chess 2 by Carlos Cetina.
6 - Colossus by Charles Daniel.
Large-board chess with standard pieces and double the number of bishops, rooks and knights.
6 - Fusion Chess by Fergus Duniho.
Variant in which pieces may merge together or split apart.
6 - Grand Cavalier Chess by Fergus Duniho.
The decimal version of Cavalier Chess
6 - Grand Shatranj by Joe Joyce.
Grand Shatranj
6 - Musketeer Chess by Zied Haddad.
Adding 2 newly designed extra pieces
6 - Scirocco (revised) by Adrian King.
On ten by ten board with over thirty different pieces.
6 - Shako_Balbo by wdtr2.
Game with Diamond Shape Board
6 - Tori Shogi by Ohashi Soei.
Tori Shogi, or Bird Shogi. A variant of Japanese Chess on a 7 by 7 board.
6 - Unicorn Great Chess by David Paulowich.
Lions have been added to Unicorn Chess!
5 - Losing Chess.
Taking is obligatory; the first player that loses all his pieces wins
5 - Minishogi by Shigenobu Kusumo.
On a 5 by 5 board.
5 - Catapults of Troy by Gary Gifford.
Large variant with a river, catapults, archers, and trojan horses!
5 - Modern Shatranj by Joe Joyce.
A bridge between modern chess and the historic game of Shatranj.
5 - Chak by Daniel Lee.
A modern vision of what a Mayan chess would look like
5 - Dai Shogi.
Large armies including a multi-capturing Lion battle each other on a big board
5 - Gigachess II by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Evolution of Gigachess (2001)
5 - Orda Chess by Daniel Lee.
Asymmetric variant where one army has pieces that move like knights but capture differently
5 - Orwell Chess by Glenn Overby II.
Three player variant themed on George Orwell's 1984.
5 - Perfect 12 by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
36 pieces per player on 12 by 12 board.
5 - Philosophers Chess by Darren Izzard.
Chess variant on two small boards with usual and `philosophical' pieces.
5 - Renniassance Chess by Eric Greenwood.
With 68 pieces on board of 12 by 12.
5 - Sac Chess by Kevin Pacey.
Game with 60 pieces
5 - Seirawan Chess by Yasser Seirawan and Bruce Harper.
FIDE chess, put players have N+R and N+B in hand to drop.
5 - Storm the Ivory Tower by Fergus Duniho.
A Smess adaptation of Chinese Chess
5 - Synochess by Daniel Lee.
Asymmetric west vs east variant where the western chess army plays against a Chinese and Korean-inspired army
5 - Universal Chess by Carlos Cetina.
Introducing castling and the possibility of Black making the drops before White.
5 - Wolf Chess by Dr. Arno von Wilpert.
Half-century old variant on board of size 8 by 10.
5 - Xhess by David Howe.
Decimal variant with Nightriders and Cannons.
4 - Circular Chess by Dave Reynolds.
Chess on a round board.
4 - Extinction chess by R. Schmittberger.
Win by making your opponents pieces of one type extinct
4 - Hostage Chess by John Leslie.
Pieces taken are held hostage and can be exchanged against other pieces and then dropped.
4 - Progressive Chess.
Several variants where white moves one time, black twice, white three times, etc.
4 - Al-Ces by Köksal Karakus.
Variant on 10 by 10 board with 30 pieces per player
4 - AltOrth Hex Chess by Charles Gilman.
Hexagonal variant using pieces moving only one way along each orthogonal
4 - Bear Chess by Mikhail Sosnovsky.
A popular Russian game; bears leap to second perimeter
4 - Cavalier Chess by Fergus Duniho.
All pieces except queens have some kind of knight-movement
4 - Chess-Battle by A. Yurgelevich.
War variant from the Soviet-Union, 1933
4 - Chess on a Longer Board with a few Pieces Added by David Howe.
On a 10 row by 8 column board, with three new pieces.
4 - Command and Maneuver: A Tale of Two Countries by Joe Joyce.
This is a diceless wargame,
4 - Fantasy Grand Chess by Peter Hatch.
Variant of Grand Chess with different armies and fantasy theme.
4 - For the Crown by Jeremy Lennert.
A commercial crossover with deck-building games
4 - Gigachess by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
On 14 by 14 board with 20 different pieces
4 - Hannibal Chess by Kevin Pacey.
Chess with added Modern Elephants (ferz-alfil compound) on 10x8 board
4 - Hectochess by A. DeWitt.
10x10 variant that can be played with 2 mismatched Chess sets.
4 - Hex Shogi 91 by Fergus Duniho.
A hexagonal Shogi variant on a 91-space board
4 - Kamikaze Mortal Shogi by Fergus Duniho and Roberto Lavieri.
Send your Kamikazes on suicide missions in this Shogi variant
4 - Maasai Chess by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Large CV with 48 pieces per side, of 20 types including both regular and rapid Pawns
4 - Maorider Chess by Vitya Makov.
Maorider and king with unusual recruiting abilities
4 - Modern Chess by Gabriel Vicente Maura.
Variant on a 9 by 9 board with piece that combines bishop and knight moves
4 - Paco Shako by Felix Albers.
Pieces coexist peacefully on target square after capture
4 - Rose Chess XII by David Paulowich.
With Nightriders, (Half-)Roses, Spotted Gryphons and War Machines.
4 - Seireigi by A. DeWitt.
Variant of standard Shogi with promotable Gold Generals, as well as more varied and animalistic promotions.
4 - Shatranj of Troy by Gary Gifford.
A Shatranj variant with Shogi-like drops, a Trojan Horse (with 6 pieces inside),
4 - Sittuyin (Burmese Chess).
4 - Team-Mate Chess by H. G. Muller.
Variant with 8 different pieces, none of which is able to checkmate a bare king on its own.
4 - Teramachy by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
A chess variant between Metamachy and Terachess
4 - Tetrahedral Chess by Mark Thompson.
Three dimensional variant with board in form of tetrahedron.
4 - Zanzibar-S by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
A game in between Metamachy and Zanzibar-XL with 36 pieces per side. Preferred by some to the -XL version
3 - Anti-King Chess by Peter Aronson.
Each player has both a King and an Anti-King to protect; Anti-Kings are in check when not attacked
3 - Berolina Chess by Edmund Hebermann.
Different moving pawns
3 - Chaturanga for four players..
Oldest multiplayer chess variant.
3 - Kriegspiel by Henry Temple.
With help of a referee, two players move without knowing the moves of the opponent
3 - Magnetic Chess by João Neto and Claude Chaunier.
Pieces that moved attract and repel pieces like magnets
3 - Marseillais Chess.
Move twice per turn
3 - Tridimensional Chess (Star Trek) by Andrew Bartmess.
Three-dimensional chess from Star Trek.
3 - Crazy 38's by Ben Good.
On strange board with 38 squares.
3 - .
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3 - .
3 - Advanced Wizard Chess by Paul Newton and Andrew Newton.
Chess variant on 10 by 10 board with fantasy chess pieces
3 - Atlantean Barroom Shatranj by Joe Joyce.
Atlantean Barroom Shatranj Rules
3 - Atomic chess by Nassah Taher.
Pieces explode when captured.
3 - Backlash by Greg Strong.
Play on two boards, but capturing on one board leads to a backlash on the other!
3 - Butterfly Chess by Kevin Pacey.
Large board chess with butterflies (not Ns), advancers (not Qs) & flying dragons added
3 - Cataclysm by Greg Strong.
Large board game with short-range pieces designed to be dramatic without being overly complicated or dragging on too long
3 - Chess+ by Nick Bentley and Christian Freeling.
Players choose when and where to place their pieces behind the pawns.
3 - Chess on a Really Big Board by Ralph Betza.
Chess on multiple chess boards
3 - Chieftain Chess by Joe Joyce.
This is a large variant using 4 royal pieces. It features command control and multi-piece moves.
3 - Chigorin Chess by Ralph Betza.
White has knights instead of bishops and a chancellor for his queen; black has bishops instead of knights
3 - Courier-Spiel.
19th century variant of Courier Chess.
3 - Cylindrical Chess.
Sides of the board are supposed to be connected
3 - Darkness Chess by Jens Nielsen.
You have only limited information on where your opponents pieces are
3 - Double Chess by David Short.
On 16 by 8 board
3 - Duck Chess by Tim Paulden.
A Duck that must be moved by both players can block your moves
3 - Ecumenical Chess by Charles Gilman.
Set of Variants incorporating Camels and Camel compound pieces
3 - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX! Chess by (zzo38) A. Black.
A game designed to be as different to chess as possible while still being the same as chess
3 - Eight-Stone Chess by Jim Aikin.
On an 8 by 9 board with eight neutral stones
3 - Elven Chess by H. G. Muller.
10x10 variant with 4 new pieces, of which one can double-capture.
3 - Enochian Chess.
Four-player team variant of the Golden Dawn
3 - European Chess by AlexNisnevich.
A multiplayer, different armies form of chess.
3 - Existentialist Chess by David Short.
10x10 board with many different pieces.
3 - Fantastic XIII by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
A bizarre large odd chess variant with the weirdest men from Cazaux's family
3 - Flipworld by JohnRyan.
Pieces are on both sides of a disc
3 - Grand Apothecary Chess-Alert by Aurelian Florea.
Very large Board variant obtained trough tinkering with known games
3 - Great Chess.
An Indian/Turkish and very playable historic variant on a 10 by 10 board.
3 - Hanga Roa by Hernán Domínguez Placencia and Juan Pablo Schweitzer Kirsinger.
A chess variant inspired by the people of Easter Island.
3 - Heroes Hexagonal Chess version 2 by Tony Quintanilla.
Updated version of Heroes Hexagonal Chess in 91 hexes.
3 - Hiashatar.
Mongolian Great Chess played on a 10x10 board with a pair of Bodyguard pieces per side
3 - Horseman's Chess by Frank MacCrory.
Game where pieces mount and dismount
3 - Invasion by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
A military inspired Chess variant played on an 84-squares board.
3 - Jester Chess by Thomas Havel.
Large variant, with four new pieces including Jester that imitates opponents last type of move.
3 - King's Court by Sidney LeVasseur.
Variant on 8 by 12 board with Chancellors and Jesters.
3 - Klin Zha by Leonard Loyd Jr..
Chesslike game played by Klingons from Star Trek on triangular board.
3 - Knightmate by Bruce Zimov.
Win by mating the knight
3 - Latrunculi XXI by Jose Carrillo.
A 21st century variant on an ancient Chess-like game of the Roman empire
3 - Lions and Unicorns Chess by David Paulowich.
With the 16 standard pieces and 4 powerful leapers.
3 - Macadamia Shogi by H. G. Muller.
Pieces promote on capture to multi-capturing monsters
3 - Maka Dai Dai Shogi.
Pieces promote on capture, some to multi-capturing monsters
3 - Maxima by Roberto Lavieri.
Maxima is an interesting and exiting variant of Ultima, with new elements that make Maxima more clear and dynamic.
3 - Neutral King Chess by Vernon Parton.
V.R. Parton's game where two armies share a King both must try to mate.
3 - Nutty Shogi by H. G. Muller.
Pieces jump over many others, and a Fire Demon burns neighbors
3 - Petteia XXI by Jose Carrillo.
A 21st century variant on an ancient Draughts-like game of the Roman empire.
3 - PiRaTeKnIcS by David Jagger.
Pirates on ships fight each other in 44-squares chess variant
3 - Pocket Shogi Copper by wdtr2.
A Variant of Shogi with Copper General and Pocket
3 - Pocket Shogi Plus by wdtr2.
Shogi Like game with a pocket to store and move pieces
3 - Quinquereme Chess by Jörg Knappen.
Large variant with a new piece, the Quinquereme.
3 - Seenschach by Jörg Knappen.
Variant on 10 by 10 board with lake in the middle and new pieces
3 - Separate Realms Chess by Michael Nelson and Peter Aronson.
Pieces capture like normal FIDE pieces, but have limited moves that only take them to part of the board when not capturing
3 - Shatar.
Mongolian chess.
3 - Shatranj Kamil X by David Paulowich.
Shatranj Kamil, with new pieces from Jetan, Shogi and Xiangqi
3 - Tengu Dai Shogi.
Turbo version of Dai Shogi, with some Dai Dai Shogi pieces
3 - TessChess by Ben Reiniger.
4D chess featuring symmetrically-moving pieces
3 - Treeleaders Chess by Erez Schatz.
Large variant with non-similar armies.
3 - Typhoon (Revised) by Adrian King.
Corrected link.
3 - Viking Chess by Tomas Forsman.
Armies start side-by-side on a 12 x 7 board
3 - Wa Shogi.
Game with many different rather weak pieces, with or without drops
3 - Wildebeest Decimal Chess by Erik Lerouge.
A Wildebeest Chess adaptation to the decimal board.
3 - Wild Kingdom by Nick Wolff.
Animal armies battle for control of the Wild Kingdom!
3 - Zanzibar-XL by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Further step after Metamachy. 80 pieces of 19 different pieces, with historical lineage
2 - Avalanche chess by Ralph Betza.
A popular chess variant, where you advance your opponents pawns
2 - Smess by Perry Grant.
Produced and sold in the early 70's by Parker Brothers. Arrows on squares determine direction pieces can move.
2 - Flip Chess and Flip Shogi by John Brown.
Pieces have two sides with different movements on board of 38 squares.
2 - Capablanca Random Chess by Reinhard Scharnagl.
Randomized setup for Capablanca chess
2 - Odin's Rune Chess by Gary Gifford.
A game inspired by Carl Jung's concept of synchronicity, runes, and Nordic Mythology.
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2 - 4 Kings Quasi-Shatranj by Kevin Pacey.
Each side has 4 Kings, all pieces are short range
2 - 4*Chess (four dimensional chess) by Kevin Pacey.
Four dimensional chess using sixteen 4x4 boards & 96 pieces.
2 - 12 Sharp Chess by Charles Gilman.
4-player versions of 10-or-more-file variants on cross-shaped boards
2 - 125 Percent Shogi and 125 Percent Xiang Qi by Charles Gilman.
4-player versions of Oriental variants on cross-shaped boards
2 - ABC Chess by Jeff Stroud.
A variant with 8 armies of pieces generated by combining 1, 2 or 3 simpler pieces.
2 - Abecedarian Big Chess (ABChess) by Glenn Overby II.
Buy-your-own-army variant on a big board; 26 piece types.
2 - Aliens vs Predators by Namik Zade.
2 - Altair by Roberto Lavieri.
Altair is a modern game with an oriental flavor.
2 - Amazons by Walter Zamkauskas.
Queens fire arrows to make squares unpassable. Last player that moves wins.
2 - Armies of Faith 6: After Empire by Charles Gilman.
The last in a series of 3d variants themed on various religions of history
2 - Assimilation Chess by Fergus Duniho.
Increase your material by assimilating your opponent's pieces.
2 - Asymmetric Chess by Dmitry Eskin.
Chess with alternative units but classical types and mechanics
2 - Balbo's chess by M Balbo.
Board with a strange shape designed to make Bishops stronger in relation to Rooks
2 - Battle of Kings by Вадря Покштя.
You start with eight pawns. The rest chess pieces appear on the board during the game.
2 - Beautiful Beasts by Jörg Knappen.
A new team for Chess with Different Armies based on the Roc
2 - Bigorra by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
A 16x16 board chess with all pieces from my variants
2 - Bombalot by Bruce Harper.
Bombs can wipe out most pieces on the board.
2 - Bomberman Chess by BryanLambert.
Variant on 8 by 10 board with bombs and diffusers
2 - Brotherhood chess by Gianluca Vecchi.
Pieces cannot take pieces of the same type
2 - Capablanca Shatranj by Christine Bagley-Jones.
Capablanca Chess with Chancellor and Archbishop replaced by Shatranj type pieces
2 - Captain Spalding Chess by Ralph Betza.
Find an Elephant in your Pajamas
2 - Cashew Shogi by H. G. Muller.
Many pieces must promote on capture, and some can multi-capture
2 - Charge of the Light Brigade by H. G. Muller.
Seven knights fight 3 queens, and usually win!
2 - Chaturanga - Four Kings - Double Mate .
2 - Chennis by Daniel Lee.
Kyoto-Shogi-inspired variant (with alternating piece sides), with a tennis theme
2 - Cheskers by Solomon Golomb.
Cross-variant between chess and checkers.
2 - Chess 2 - The Sequel by David Sirlin.
Different armies, a new winning condition, and duels
2 - Chessgi.
Drop the pieces you take from your opponent.
2 - Chess with Batteries by Roberto Lavieri.
Special Battery piece which augments the powers of other pieces.
2 - Clockwork Orange Chess by Fergus Duniho.
Captured pieces are replaced with non-capturing counterparts.
2 - Congo by Demian Freeling.
Animals fight on 7 by 7 board.
2 - Dai Dai Shogi.
Historical large Shogi variant
2 - Deception Chess by Greg Shanker.
Each piece has two identities, Cloak and concealed Base
2 - Decima by Michael Nelson.
Variant on 10 by 10 board where you win when you have 10 points on the 10th row.
2 - Dobutsu Shogi by Madoka Kitao.
The smallest Shogi variant made for kids to learn Shogi.
2 - Dragons, Archers, and Oxen by Jim Aikin.
Chess variant on a 10 by 10 board
2 - Dueling Archbishops by JasonWittman.
Chess variant on 2 by 3 board
2 - Dunsany's Chess by Edward Plunkett.
32 pawns play against a full set of pieces.
2 - Embassy Chess by Kevin Hill.
A 10x8 variant based on Grand Chess
2 - Empire Chess by Daniel Lee.
Asymmetric variant where one army has pieces that move like queens but capture differently.
2 - Enhanced Courier Chess by Daniel Zacharias.
Courier Chess with the weaker pieces enhanced
2 - Epic Chess by Вадря Покштя.
Massive attack chess on a board 10x10
2 - Euchess by Carlos Cetina.
Grand chess variant on 10 by 10 board
2 - Fischer-Benko Chess by Davor Vujacic.
Three pieces are placed randomly, the other five by the players.
2 - Fivequarters by Charles Gilman.
Four-player game on a cross-shaped board where most pieces can promote
2 - Frog Chess by Kevin Pacey.
Play chess with added frogs (ferz-threeleaper compound) on 10x8 board
2 - Gala.
Medieval game of German farmers.
2 - Ganymede Chess by Mark Hedden.
A 12x12 variant inspired by Ralph Betza's Chess on a really big board, Centennial Chess and Adrian King's Typhoon (among others)
2 - Gess by Archimedeans Society.
A Chess variant played on a Go board where pieces are collections of go stones
2 - Golden Age Chess On a Really Big Board by Ralph Betza.
Variant on 16 by 16 board with several different pieces
2 - Gothic Chess by Ed Trice.
A 10x8 variant using the same rules and equipment as Capablanca's Chess
2 - Grand Apothecary Chess-Classic by Aurelian Florea.
Very large Board variant obtained trough tinkering with known games
2 - Grand Apothecary Chess-Modern by Aurelian Florea.
Very large Board variant obtained trough tinkering with known games
2 - Granlem Shatranj by Joe Joyce.
This is a mash-up of Grand Shatranj & Lemurian Shatranj with a 3 moves/player turn option
2 - Grasshopper Chess by Joseph Boyer.
Each player has eight additional grasshoppers.
2 - GraTiA by Charles Gilman.
A blend of two historic variants
2 - Guru Mahachaturanga by Charles Gilman.
2d India-specific offshoot of AOF series
2 - Hajiku Shogi by Edward Webb.
Inspired by Shogi and Chu Shogi. Pieces can both promote and demote in promotion zone.
2 - Heavy Chess by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
A high-density chess-variant-variant
2 - Hex Shogi by Fergus Duniho.
A new family of hexagonal Shogi variants.
2 - Hishigata Shogi by Sean Humby.
Variation of Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi (ultra large Shogi).
2 - Hnefatafl - the Strategic Board Game of the Vikings.
Detailed rules and history of a Chess-like game played for 100's of years in Northern Europe
2 - Hunterbeest by Charles Gilman.
Large variant with one each of distinctive Nimrod pieces, and of similar set of oblique pieces
2 - Hyperchess4 by Joe Joyce.
Hyperchess updated: changed rules, discussion, sample game, etc
2 - Ito Shogi by Jonathan Rutherford.
2 - Jumping Chess by Peter Aronson.
Pieces capture by jumping. Board has extra edge squares making it 10x10
2 - Jupiter (Revised) by Adrian King.
2 - Kinglet by Vernon Parton.
Win by taking all the pawns of the opponent
2 - Knavish Shatranj by Jörg Knappen.
Shatranj with Knaves and Debtors
2 - Knightmare Chess.
The American version of Tempete sur l'Echiquier
2 - Lemurian Shatranj by Joe Joyce.
8x8 variant that features short-range pieces
2 - Macrochess by Robert Potter.
2 - Mad Chess by JasonWittman.
Chess variant with unequal armies on 10 by 10 board.
2 - Mansindam by Daphne Snowmoon.
A variant that combines 'drop' rule and strong pieces, and there is no draw
2 - Mercurial Chess by Mark Hedden.
A variant on 42 squares with a satallite board and the rescue of captured pieces.
2 - Millennial Chess by John Brown.
Variant on 12 by 12 board with new pieces.
2 - Mimic Chess by Nick Wolff.
Chess on a larger board with 3 new pieces with constantly changing movement capabilities.
2 - Minotaur Chess by Frank Truelove.
Variant with board turned 45 degrees
2 - Monster Chess.
One player has only a king and four pawns, but makes double moves.
2 - Mosaic Chess by Daniel Zacharias.
Large variant combining pieces from various other games
2 - Nachtmahr by Jörg Knappen.
Game with seven different kinds of Nightriders
2 - Nemoroth, The Game of by Ralph Betza.
For the sake of your sanity, do not read this variant!
2 - Panoply by Daniel Zacharias.
A large hexagonal game with unusual pieces
2 - Parachess by Tony Paletta.
Chess on a rhombus-tiled board.
2 - Pemba by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Extension of Shako, with 60 pieces
2 - Pink Chess by H. G. Muller.
White has two Kings, black two Queens as royal pieces
2 - Refusal Chess by Fred Galvin.
Refuse your opponent to make certain moves.
2 - Rotor-blades Chess by David Cannon.
Game played on a board that is both circular and trigonal.
2 - Round Honeycomb Chess by David Cannon.
A cross between Circular/Cylindrical Chess and Hexagonal Chess.
2 - Round Table Chess by Richard VanDeventer.
Chess variant on a board with round and square part.
2 - Royal and His Pet by Zhedric Meneses.
2 - Royal Lion Chess by Michael Nelson.
Chess with a Royal Lion and many strong pieces.
2 - Russian fortress chess.
An old Russian variant for four players.
2 - Ryugi by A. DeWitt.
10x10 variant with Kirins, Marshalls, and Dragons, the latter which can move as a Bishop or as a Nightrider
2 - Salmon P. Chess by Dale Holmes.
Huge three-dimensional game celebrating 10 years chess variant pages
2 - Secutor Chess by M Winther.
Introducing the Secutor piece, and new collision-capture, on a Gustavian board (zrf available).
2 - Seeping Switchers by Jörg Knappen.
An army for Chess with Different Armies based on pieces that change color when they move.
2 - Separate Realms Chess II by Jörg Knappen.
A Variant of Separate Realms Chess with standard FIDE King, and more powerful Knights and Queens
2 - Shatranji by Fergus Duniho.
A hybrid of Shatranj and Chessgi.
2 - Shinobi Chess by Daniel Lee.
Asymmetric variant where one army has droppable Shogi-inspired pieces that start in hand.
2 - Sho Shogi.
Historic predecessor of shogi.
2 - Shosu Shogi by A. DeWitt.
10x10 Shogi variant with Queens and more powerful promoted pieces.
2 - Shou Dou Qi: The Battle of Animals - The Jungle Game.
Simulated conflict between animal kingdoms.
2 - Skica by Daniel Zacharias.
10x10 with Ski Pieces and Camels
2 - Sons of Mithra by Michael Gummelt and Holly Gummelt.
Elaborate Fantasy variant with 13 different types of pieces per side
2 - Sorcerer Chess by Charles Daniel.
Practice the art of sorcery with two pairs of extra long leaping pieces: the Sorcerers and Conjurers.
2 - Stone Garden Chess by Lev Grigoriev.
The animal statues in the stone garden came to life and attacked the two rival kings! With the help of a policeman each, they…
2 - Switching Realms Chess by Jörg Knappen.
All noncapturing moves must change the board subset a piece occupies
2 - Symmetric Chess by Carlos Cetina.
9x9 variant with extra Queen and Bishops conversion rule
2 - Taikyoku Shogi.
Extremely large shogi variant.
2 - Tardis Taijitu by Charles Gilman.
Xiang Qi board but with movable, bigger-inside-than-outside Fortresses
2 - Thunder Chess by Fergus Duniho.
A hybrid of Metamorph Chess, Fusion Chess, and Assimilation Chess.
2 - Thuria Jetan by Fredrik Ekman.
Jetan variant played on standard chessboard
2 - Tiger Chess by Daniel Zacharias.
A large game with fast-moving pieces
2 - TigerChess by Glenn Nicholls.
Variant themed after a medieval battle.
2 - Tim's 3d Chess by Tim O'Lena.
On a 5x5x5 board with two kings per player
2 - Tunnelchess by Charles Gilman.
3D variant played on a stack of four Half Chess boards
2 - Turkish Great Chess, variation II.
Gollon's large historical variant.
2 - Two Large Shatranj Variants by Joe Joyce.
2 - Typhoon by Adrian King.
Variant on 12 by 12 board with many different pieces.
2 - UC-170-13 by Carlos Cetina.
Universal Chess version featuring 170 different kind of major pieces and 13 different kind of pawns.
2 - Voidrider Chess by Fergus Duniho.
A 43 square variant with movable spaces
2 - Vyremorn Chess by Nathan McDonald.
Large variant on two overlapping square boards.
2 - War of the Worlds by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Chess army from planet Earth against the Martian forces of Jetan
2 - Weave and Dungeon by Dan Troyka.
Abstract game played on a board divided into Weave and Dungeon, with movement following different rules on each part
2 - Whale Shogi by R. Schmittberger.
Shogi variant.
2 - Wide Chess by Kevin Pacey.
Chess with 2 types of non-colourbound elephants added on a 12x8 board using fast castling rules
2 - Wide Nightrider Chess by Kevin Pacey.
Chess on a 12x10 board with Nightriders, Champions and fast castling rules
2 - Wizard's War by Michael Nelson.
Game with piece-creating Wizards and a board divided into arena and enchanted sections
2 - Yangsi by A. DeWitt.
A very playable chess variant with 12 different pieces on a 10x10 board.
2 - Yari Shogi by Christian Freeling.
Modern Shogi variant.
2 - Yonin Seireigi by A. DeWitt.
Four-player variant of Seireigi based on Yonin Shogi.
2 - Yo[n]o Shogi by Charles Gilman.
4-player Shogi variant with all 8 kinds of piece (fewer of some) on a standard Shogi board
2 - Yáng Qí by Fergus Duniho.
Yankee ingenuity adds new power to Chinese Chess
2 - Zo Shogi by Daphne Snowmoon.
A variant of Sho Shogi in which Drop rule is included and Prince (promoted Elephant) is a non-royal King.
1 - Los Alamos variant.
Chess on a 6 by 6 board from the early days of computing.
1 - Pocket knight.
Each player has a knight that he can drop during the game.
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1 - 3 Level 4 Player Variants by Charles Gilman.
Putting 4 players on a 3d board usually used for 2
1 - 3D Great Shatranj by Joe Joyce.
A simple approach to 3D chess
1 - 3d Magna Carta Chess by Charles Gilman.
Adding Barons and Dukes to Magna Carta Chess to commemorate 8th centenary of Magna Carta
1 - 4-Player Pothole Chess by DaveHogarty and Seth Blanchard.
Bulldozers and cars and other vehicles are pieces in 4-player chess variant.
1 - 4-way chess by Taurus games by Stephen Stockman.
Commercial fourhanded chess variant
1 - 4D Hexagonal Chess by Kevin Pacey.
4D analogue of Glinski's Hexagonal Chess based on Hyperchess4
1 - 4D Quasi-Alice Chess by Kevin Pacey.
8x8x2x2 four dimensional game with 32 pieces
1 - 16Chess by Zhedric Meneses.
Game with 4 royal pieces
1 - 88 Hexagons Chess by Davor Vujacic.
Hexagonal chess on chessboard with 88 hexagons
1 - 123456 Chess by (zzo38) A. Black.
Uses 2 dices for each player and 2 checkers for each player, in addition to normal chess pieces.
1 - A9 HexaChess (Imperial Grand HexaChess) by Graeme Neatham.
Large variant of Grand Hexachess.
1 - Accelerated Chess by Max Koval.
Accelerating chess with a new board
1 - Advanced Chess by Este.
Pawns move in a similar fashion to the pieces they start in front of
1 - AIGO Chess by Feng Jun.
International chess with Cannon pieces added.
1 - Ajax Chess by Jose Carrillo.
All pieces have can play one square in any direction, the Mastodon leaper complements the Knight
1 - Ajax Xiangqi by Jose Carrillo.
The Ajax 'effect' meets Chinese Chess
1 - Alibishogi by Charles Gilman.
Variant with Shogi-style promotion and drops themed on Alibaba and 40 Thieves
1 - Almost chess by Ralph Betza.
One queen has combined rook and knight moves.
1 - Alpaca Chess by M Winther.
Introducing the weak but interesting Alpaca, which hops one or two steps rookwise (with zrf).
1 - AltOrth with Further Piece Types by Charles Gilman.
Extending the AltOrth interpretation of hex cells to further variants
1 - AltOrth with Hopping and Crooked pieces by Charles Gilman.
Extending the AltOrth interpretation of hex cells to further variants
1 - Amazon Grand Chess by Namik Zade.
A combination of Grand Chess and Amazon Chess.
1 - Angels and Devils by Greg Strong.
Chess game where white has two Angels and black has two Devils
1 - Antarctic Chess or Predators and Penguins by Graeme Neatham.
Penguins seek safety at the ice-pack's centre. Can the Predators stop them?
1 - Archchess by Dr. Francesco Piacenza.
Large chess variant from 17th century Italy.
1 - ArchCourier Chess by Eric Greenwood.
This game is Courier Chess expert Eric Greenwood's modernization of Courier Chess.
1 - Arena Cheturshogqi by Paul Newton.
2-4 Players on large board with mutating pieces and piece drops.
1 - Armies of Faith 1: The Dawn of Civilisation by Charles Gilman.
The first in of a series of 3d variants themed on various religions of history
1 - Armies of Faith 2: Later Antiquity by Charles Gilman.
The second in a series of 3d variants themed on various religions of history
1 - Armies of Faith 4: Schism by Charles Gilman.
The fourth in a series of 3d variants themed on various religions of history
1 - Armies of Faith 5: Spiritual and Temporal by Charles Gilman.
The fifth in a series of 3d variants themed on various religions of history
1 - Arnhem Chess by Hans Bodlaender.
Game on board of 38 squares.
1 - Atlantean Coffee House Shatranj by Graeme Neatham.
Grand Hexagonal Shatranj - the short-range project goes six-sided
1 - Bach Dang Chess by Vu Vo.
On board with 88 squares, with crafts and other special pieces and rules
1 - Bachelor Chess by Doug Chatham.
Win by mating your opponent, or marrying off your King
1 - Bachelor Kamil by Charles Gilman.
Combines ideas from Bachelor Chess and Wildebeest Chess.
1 - Balaklava Chess by Gianluca Vecchi.
Many pieces have additional knight moves
1 - Banner Xiangqi by A. DeWitt.
Xiangqi with Banners (from the Game of Three Kingdoms) and simplified endgame rules.
1 - Bario by Panos Louridas.
Pieces are undefined until they move.
1 - Bario Shogi by (zzo38) A. Black.
A shogi game with pieces that can be change typed
1 - Beast Chess by Bob Greenwade.
Replace conventional pieces with those that look like animals
1 - Beautiful Sun Chess (Meiriqi) by Glenn Overby II.
A 10x10 blend of FIDE, Shogi, and Xiangqi influences.
1 - Ben 39 by Ben Good.
Pieces move on squares and corners of board with 37 fixed and two movable squares.
1 - Berserker Pawns by Terry Jones.
Pawns may go berserk to protect their King and once per game in addition
1 - Bilateral Chess by Antoine Fourrière.
Game on 12x8 board adding Lions, switching Cannons, Wizards and pushing Elephants, but keeping the standard array in the middle
1 - Bird's Chess by Henry Bird.
Chess variant on 10 by 8 board from 19th century England
1 - Bishogi by Charles Gilman.
An attempt to take the FIDE army further towards Shogi than Chessgi does.
1 - Blocschach by Charles Gilman.
Not only is the size of the back rank squared, so is its composition.
1 - Blue Chip Chess by Neal Turner.
A chip, moved each turn by the players, denotes a square where pieces may not go to
1 - Byelorussian Cheskers by N. Grushevsky.
Crossover between chess and Russian draughts.
1 - Byzantine chess.
A variant of Shatranj, played on a round board.
1 - Caliph Qi by Charles Gilman.
Extension of Isis with compound colourbound pieces and overlapping royal-accessible areas
1 - Camblam by Michael Asher.
On a 12x12 board with archers, catapults and other enhanced pieces
1 - Cannonless Xiang Qi variants by Charles Gilman.
A look at stronger variations of pre-cannon Xiangqi.
1 - Cannon Shogi and Cannon Chess by Peter Michaelsen.
Played on a 9x9 Shogi board, feature various types of 'Cannon' pieces
1 - Cannon Shosu Shogi by A. DeWitt.
Variant of Shosu Shogi with Dogs and Cannons.
1 - Cannons of Chesstonia by Gary Gifford.
Cannons launch a Pawn, Wazir, Ferz and Stone to increase strategical and tactical play.
1 - Canonical Chess Variants by Tony Paletta.
A family of chess variants that blends Xiang Qi and Western Chess
1 - Capatomic Random Chess by Gaelyn Autumnsong.
Variant that combines Capablanca Random and Stratomic Chess.
1 - Capture the Flag Chess by Thomas Cameron.
A translation of the classic children's game to a 42-square board.
1 - Carrousel Chess by Kevin Pacey.
Game with 32 pieces
1 - Cat's Chess by (zzo38) A. Black.
1 - CCC - The Clash of Civilizations Chess by Namik Zade.
1 - Center of Attention.
In addition to regular rules, win by moving your King to a center square.
1 - Cetina Random Chess by Carlos Cetina.
Play with a sissa and a chancellor from a randomly generated setup.
1 - CGNP chess by Abdul-Rahman Sibahi.
A game with Knightly Pawns.
1 - Chad by Christian Freeling.
Castles and walls in a strategic deep chess variant.
1 - Chameleon Chess by P. Magnus.
Each player has a King and 11 Chameleons whose moves are determined by the type of square they are on
1 - Chameleon Chess Redux by Adam Goss.
1 - Changgi.
Koreaans schaak
1 - Changi with diagonal pieces by Daniil Frolov.
1 - Chariots by David Jagger.
Standard pieces start as pairs with shared capabilities, but can separate and recombine.
1 - Chaughts by Mark Hedden.
A mixture of chess and international draughts.
1 - Checkers with Bosses by Daniil Frolov.
Checkers variant with different types of pieces. Game's main feature are Bosses.
1 - Cheshire Cat Chess by Vernon Parton.
Squares are disappearing
1 - Chesica by Frederick Copley.
Game from the 19th Century combining elements of Checkers and Chess
1 - Chesimals: Autonomous Multi-unit Pieces by Joe Joyce.
self-contained autonomous multi-square pieces
1 - Chess 66 by Gerd Degens.
Board based on the 8x8 arrangement - with the difference that 66 fields are now available.
1 - Chess 960 by Robert Fischer.
Randomized setup; also known as Fischer Random Chess
1 - Chess 1010 by Kevin Pacey.
Game played with 40 pieces
1 - Chess and a Half by Nicolino Will.
Game with extra leapers
1 - Chessball by U. Kamzolov.
Play football on a chessboard.
1 - Chesscala by Francois Tremblay.
1 - Chessembly by JT K.
Open Board Setup, Free Placement Chess
1 - Chess Empire by Harry Jackson.
Large four player chess variant
1 - Chessence by Jim Winslow.
Variant on a 9 x 6 board with 8 missing squares, immobile Kings, and 9 pieces whose movement depends on their spatial relation
1 - Chess in a Moebius Strip by Alberto Monteiro.
8 by 14 board with sides glued together.
1 - Chess in the Round.
1970's commercial variant that allows turning corners with the Rook and Queen.
1 - Chess of Amazons by paculino.
Chess played on a 10x10 board with all FIDE pieces, but extra pawns, and the Amazon piece from the Game of Amazons.
1 - Chessopoly by Ralph Betza.
Board with a hole in the middle where pawns move clockwise
1 - Chess vs checkers by Daniil Frolov.
1 - Chess with checkers added by (zzo38) A. Black.
Add checkers in front of the pawns
1 - Chess with Promoters by Roberto Lavieri.
1 - Chess with Ultima, Rococo and Supremo Pieces by Peter Aronson and George Dekle.
A series of variants with the Orthochess array transplanted to a 10x10 board and various exotic pieces added
1 - ChessXp by Uli Schwekendiek.
10x10 Chess, strictly derived from the 8x8 architecture.
1 - Chevron Ranks by Charles Gilman.
Pieces use the "ranks" based on the Glinkshy/McCooey analogues to FIDE Pawn ranks
1 - Chimera Chess by Albert Lee.
The highlight of this chess variant are the Chimera pieces, which are substantially enhanced versions of the orthodox Knight.
1 - Chivalry by Michael Asher.
With 30 pieces on a 10 by 10 board
1 - Citadel by Karen Robinson.
Simple chess variant from early 20th century on 45 degrees turned board.
1 - Citadelir chess by Daphne Snowmoon.
Grand chess + Tamerlane chess + Omega Chess
1 - Clash of Civilization Chess (Shuffle Version) by Namik Zade.
The Clash of Civilizations Chess (shuffle version)
1 - Clash of Command by PeterStobbe.
Chesslike game with pieces that change and leave behind other pieces on special board.
1 - Classic sum by Daniil Frolov.
1 - Classic sum - light version by Daniil Frolov.
1 - College Mess by Kevin Pacey.
Smess variant played using a Smess board & set
1 - Compromise Chess by Fred Galvin.
Propose two moves and your opponent selects one for you.
1 - Conservative Capablanca Chess by Davor Vujacic and David Paulowich.
Alternative, more traditional Capablanca chess setup
1 - Corral Chess by Doug Chatham.
Force the opponent to the center in this 45/46 Cell Contest entry
1 - Counsellor Chess by R. Wells.
Variant on 12 by 8 board that adds Elephants and Counsellors
1 - Courier Chess Moderno by Jose Carrillo.
A modern variant of the historical variant Courier Chess
1 - Courier de los Combinados by Charles Gilman.
A cross between Courier de la Dama and Wildebeest Chess
1 - Courier Leapale by Charles Gilman.
Extrapolating Courier Kamil to 3 dimensions
1 - Crazy 38's: The Starting Setup by Ben Good.
1 - Crossover-piece Dual Direction Variants by Charles Gilman.
Variants adding different moves in the dual direction to already dual pieces
1 - Crouching Stepper, Hidden Rider by Charles Gilman.
Xiang Qi pieces' moves lengthen and shorten with location.
1 - CwDA: the Shatranjian Shooters by Abdul-Rahman Sibahi and Joe Joyce.
1 - Dai-Ryu Shogi by Jared McComb.
Large Shogi variant with new pieces.
1 - Dai Mitregi by Charles Gilman.
Still larger Mitregi offshoot, replacing the Generals with longer-range pieces
1 - Danadazo by Jared McComb.
Game played on the 47 edges of a grid with rounded corners, borrowing elements from Tafl
1 - Dartboard Chess by Charles Gilman.
circular all-three-compounds variant, with different orthogonal ranges on different files
1 - Decimaka by H. G. Muller.
Game where pieces promote on making a capture
1 - Decimal Quadruple Besiege by Charles Gilman.
Army based on Échecs De L'Escalier arranged on enlarged Quadruple Besiege board
1 - Delegating Chess by João Neto.
84 square variant in which pieces delegate moving powers
1 - Dervish Chess by Benoit Dauphin.
Large variant with a great variety of pieces.
1 - Desert Pub Chess by Gary Gifford.
A game where Desert Wazirs & Desert Ferz capture by jumping.
1 - Diagonal chess (well balanced) by Zbigniew Kokosiński.
Diagonal chess with 7 fortified pawns
1 - Diagonal pawn chess by Joel .
Pawns always move diagonally, whether capturing or not.
1 - Diamond Ring Chess by Charles Gilman.
Courier-style pieces to diamond-shaped camps on a toroidal wraparound board
1 - Diana by ? Hopwood.
Chess on a 6 by 6 board.
1 - Dice chess (wikipedia rules).
Dice chess using 2 dice, wikipedia rules.
1 - Dienbienphu Chess by Vu Vo.
Unequal armies chess variant: FIDE chess against Quang Trung Chess.
1 - Diplomat Chess by Carlos Martin-Fuertes.
Round-board variant with a Diplomat to suborn opponents.
1 - Directed Alice III by Joe Joyce.
a 3-board Alice Chess variant
1 - Djambi by Jean Anesto.
Four player variant with different taking rules and special central square
1 - Double chess by Julian Hayward.
Two sets of pieces on 16 by 12 board
1 - Double Cross Besiege by Charles Gilman.
A spinoff from Besiege Chess using FIDE-size armies
1 - Double King Chess by DavidMoeser.
With two kings on a 10 by 8 board
1 - Double Move Double Chess by Вадря Покштя.
The game is played on a 8x16 chessboard with each player in control of two complete armies.
1 - Double Skak by Soren Kirk.
Four player chess variant on 8 by 8 board
1 - Dual Direction Variants by Charles Gilman.
Adding extra moves to pieces in historic forms of Chess
1 - Duggan's Fantasy Chess by Sean Duggan.
Game where usual pieces become mercenaries, horsemen, golems, assassins and adapts
1 - Duggan's Fantasy Chess (revised) by Sean Duggan.
Revised and Improved version of fantasy Chess variant
1 - echess by bp .
(Micro) Evolutionary CHESS game
1 - Echexs by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Hexagonal variant for three or six players.
1 - Ecutunnel and Ecumillstone by Charles Gilman.
3d versions of twin-board Ecumenical Chess, with a new front-rank piece
1 - Edgehog Chess by John Driver.
Three Chess variants featuring John Driver's edge-loving piece the Edgehog
1 - Electrum Chess by Charles Gilman.
All the Goldchess and Silverchess back-rank pieces in a single variant
1 - Elephant Hunt by Freederick .
Ituri Forest Pygmi traditional game with chess-like elements.
1 - Elevator by Ben Good.
Three-dimensional chess variant with moving elevators and walking, vaulting and flying pieces
1 - Empty Cube Chess by Charles Gilman.
A variant using the faces of an 8x8x8 board with no triaxial moves
1 - Enep by Aurelian Florea.
An experimental variant with enhanced knights and an extra pawn.
1 - Europan Chess by Mark Hedden.
A 14x14 board with extra pieces
1 - ExCoCo Chess by Graeme Neatham.
EXtends and COmbines the COurier variants
1 - Expanded Chinese Chess by Travis Z.
1 - Expansion chess by Lev Grigoriev.
Get points per each your piece on other half of board to win
1 - Extra Move Chess by Fergus Duniho.
Double-move variant based on limitations of Zillions of Games
1 - Faceoff Chess by Lev Grigoriev.
Chess with big moving restrictions for kings.
1 - Fairy Eater Chess by Вадря Покштя.
Game on a 9x9 board with fairy chess pieces
1 - Falcon Hexagonal Chess by Abdul-Rahman Sibahi.
The Falcon into the Hexagonal world.
1 - Fanorona Chess by Peter Aronson.
Variant played on a Fanorona board with capture by approach and by withdrawal
1 - Fellowship of the Ring by Robert Price.
White may win by carrying a 'ring' to the other side of the board.
1 - Fianchetto Chess by Jack Middleman.
Rooks and bishops switched in opening setup
1 - Fiancé Chess by Charles Gilman.
A 3-player variant with Kings and Queens starting far apart, inspired by Bachelor Chess
1 - Fibonacci Chess by David Bradley.
Players can make multiple moves per turn, the number determined by the fast growing Fibonacci sequence
1 - Fighting Chess by Tony Berard.
A reform to Chess that eliminates stalemate and strengthens some of the pieces.
1 - Fighting Fizzies by Peter Aronson.
An Experimental Army for Chess with Different Armies.
1 - File Sharing Chess by JT K.
File Sharing, pawn swapping, always passed pawns
1 - Five-Minute Poppy Shogi by Oyama Yasuharu.
Small shogi variant on a 4 by 5 board.
1 - Five Tigers.
A Chinese Chess variant with unequal armies.
1 - Flight and Ferry by Charles Gilman.
The gold dragon of Wessex fights the red one of Wales across the Bristol Channel
1 - Fluid Chess by Joe Joyce.
A modest variation allowing movement through friendly pieces.
1 - Force Field Chess by Douglas Seiden-Sacharovich.
1 - Foreign Policy Chess by Francois Tremblay.
Chess variant on 8 by 8 board with armies of unequal strength
1 - Four Armies by Patrick Riley.
Each player controls two armies.
1 - Four Handed Chess (I).
Information on different variants of four handed chess on plus-shaped board
1 - Four Player Shogi by MichaelShipley.
Variant of Shogi for four players.
1 - Four seasons chess..
Medieval multiplayer chess variant on 8 by 8 board.
1 - Free corners chess by Sergey Sirotkin.
In the corners of seven by seven board, three squares form together one field.
1 - French revolution chess by Hans Bodlaender.
Advanced pawns threaten the noble pieces
1 - Fugue by Michael Nelson.
Based on Ultima and Rococo this game has pieces that capture in unusual ways.
1 - Full house hexagonal chess by Kevin Pacey.
Game with 50 pieces
1 - Fun-in-a-Box Chess by David Howe.
Featuring Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat in the Hat.
1 - Futashikana Shogi by A. DeWitt.
Expanded version of Shosu Shogi played on an 11x11 board.
1 - Gala Xiang-Qi by Daniil Frolov.
Crossover game
1 - Game of the Three Kingdoms.
Another variant on Chinese Chess for three players.
1 - Game of Three Friends by Jìndé Zhèng.
A variant on Chinese Chess for three players.
1 - Generic Chess Piece Creation System by Guilherme Töws.
This is a system for construction of pieces, using ideas from RPG games.
1 - Gi-Qi-Game by Daniil Frolov.
Another one crossover of European, Chinese and Japanese chess.
1 - Giant-King Chess by Robert Shimmin.
Kings take up four squares each, all of which must be attacked to check
1 - Giant Chess by Köksal Karakus.
16x16 board with the same pieces as Turkish Chess, but also the "Dev" piece which takes up four squares
1 - Glacial Shift by Jared McComb.
4-player game played with Icehouse pieces with Shogi-style captures and where the same piece moves differently for each player
1 - Global Chess.
A chess game played on a board composed of two rotating disks.
1 - Gnu Qi by Charles Gilman.
A cross between Anglis Qi and Wildebeest Chess
1 - Goal Box Chess by Kevin McPartland.
Game on 42 squares with no King and the goal of placing pieces into 2 special squares.
1 - Goldchess and Silverchess by Charles Gilman.
Standard board and setup, but new moves for pieces.
1 - Gothic Isles Chess by Peter Aronson.
Fictional historic variant, with Dragons, Wizards and Champions
1 - Go with chess pieces by Hans Bodlaender.
Generalization of go-rules using chess pieces
1 - Grand Betza by John Davis.
A tribute to Ralph Betza on a 10x10 board with pawns on the third rank as in Grand Chess
1 - Grand CwDA: the Shatranjians by Joe Joyce.
Grand CwDA
1 - Grand Dice Chess by Вадря Покштя.
Grand Dice Chess Battle on a 12x12 board with four dice
1 - Grand Shatranj N W by Mark Simpson.
Shatranj with 10 individual pieces + pawns per army
1 - Grand Tamerlane by John Davis.
John Davis invented this variation of Mideast Chess
1 - Grand Triple Chess by Вадря Покштя.
Chess on an 16 x 24 board (i.e. six boards) with 3 sets of pieces.
1 - Great Whale Shogi by R. Schmittberger.
Great Whale Shogi by R. Wayne Schmittberger
1 - Gross Raumschach by Charles Gilman.
Larger, 4-player version of Raumschach.
1 - Gryphon Aanca Chess by Gary Gifford.
Large Variant with Gryphons, Aancas, and a few other not-so-common pieces.
1 - Gufuu Shogi by Georg Dunkel.
Tiny variant on a 2x3 board with four pieces.
1 - Gutenschach by Charles Gilman.
3d variant using only planar pieces
1 - Gyokugi by Charles Gilman.
Extends chevron ranks to analogues of Shogi generals, named after individual jewels
1 - Hadean Chess by Charles Daniel.
Expanded chess with short-range linear jumpers, augmented knights and zebras and more dynamic pawns.
1 - Half Chess by John Groeneman.
On a 4 by 8 board without pawns.
1 - Half Nearlydouble Chess and offshoots by Charles Gilman.
Chess enlarged and then shrunk again - or vice versa
1 - Hasami Shogi.
Popular Japanese game, playable with Shogi set.
1 - Heathen Europe Chess by Charles Gilman.
2 player cubic-cell Europe-specific offshoot of AOF series
1 - Heavy Gravity Chess by Gary Gifford.
Chess with heavy gravity, Knights can't jump, Queens, Bishops, and Rooks are limited to 4 spaces per move, Kings move 1 diagonal
1 - Heavy Shako by Eric Silverman and Jean-Louis Cazaux.
10x10 variant inspired by Yangsi, made by Eric Silverman and Jean-Louis Cazaux.
1 - Herculean Chess by Charles Daniel.
12 x 12 version of chess featuring 4 Rooks, 4 Bishops, 4 Leapers and 22 pawns.
1 - Herichess by Charles Gilman.
A variant on a board in the shape of the English Heritage logo
1 - Hexabeast by Ivan Derzhanski.
Hexagonal chess variant with six animal pieces, by Ivan A. Derzhanski.
1 - Hexa Decimal by Joost aan de Brugh.
Larger hexagonal chess variant
1 - Hexagonal Raumschach by Kevin Pacey.
Three dimensional analogue of Glinski's Hexagonal Chess, based on Raumschach
1 - Hexagonal Round Chess by Arnaldo D'Almeida.
Combined Byzantine Chess with Rex Chess.
1 - Hexajedrez by Carlos Cetina.
Variation of Dave McCooey's Hexagonal Chess
1 - Hex Shogi 41 by Fergus Duniho.
Hexagonal shogivariant on board with 41 squares.
1 - Hex Shogi 81 by Fergus Duniho.
A hexagonal Shogi variant on an 81-space board
1 - Hia Chess by Jose Carrillo.
Smaller 9x8 variation of the Mongolian Hiashatar
1 - Hindustani Chess by _unknown.
19th century Indian game.
1 - Historia Ŝako by Siwakorn Songrag.
Historia Ŝako is a Chess variant incorporated between western and eastern variants, by track movement of Elephant and Queen.
1 - Hitchhiker Chess by Dan Troyka.
Get your Hitchhiker to the Restaurant at the other End of the Board; inspired by Douglas Adams' books
1 - Honeycomb Chess by Charles Gilman.
This variant uses a board of hex-prism cells and two sets of FIDE pieces.
1 - Horizons by Lev Grigoriev.
Game with 5 new pieces on 12x12 board
1 - Hourglass Hex Chess by Charles Gilman.
2 overlapping triangles form a hex board of just over FIDE size.
1 - Hubbub by Greg Strong.
A variant of Bruhaha with more short-range pieces
1 - HyperModern Shatranj by Joe Joyce.
1 - I-Chess by Paul Zamă.
Large board variant that adds two more piece types: the wolf and the eagle
1 - iChess by Pangus Ho.
1 - Imperial Dragon Chess by Paul Fredrix.
A variant of Xiangqi designed to appeal to western players.
1 - Infinite Recursion Chess by David Howe.
Another mega-chess type game.
1 - Insect Chess by Tim Bostick.
On a 12x12 board. All pieces are insect and arachnid representations, with some unique pieces.
1 - Insurrection by Fogus.
Capturing causes promotion, demotion, or a coup in the opponent's ranks
1 - Interweave by Peter Aronson.
Game with elements of Checkers and Ultima where all pieces are colorbound and only capture pieces on the other color
1 - IO Chess by Mark Hedden.
Variant on 16 by 16 board with many pieces.
1 - Isis and Cam by Charles Gilman.
Two variants based on ancient English universities and the rivers near them
1 - Janus Kamil Chess by Jörg Knappen.
A crossover between Janus Chess and Modern Kamil Chess.
1 - Jetan, the game of by Edgar Burroughs.
Extensive discussion of various versions of the rules of Jetan
1 - Jetan-Sarang by James Spratt.
A large variation of Jetan.
1 - Joko Urtaroak by Glenn Overby II.
Modern large version of Game of Four Seasons; four player chess variant
1 - Joust Chess by Jeff Cornell.
Rotating pieces, long range movement, adjacent capture, both in one turn using different directions.
1 - Judkin's Shogi by ? Judkin.
Small shogi variant on 6 by 6 board.
1 - Jumping Knights Chess by David Paulowich.
Nightriders replace Knights and War Machines have also been added to Jumping Chess.
1 - Jupiter by Adrian King.
Huge chess variant on 16 by 16 board.
1 - King Arthur's Chess 72 by David Cannon.
Chess on a round board,. The odd number of files allows the Bishops to access every cell on the board - not colour-bound.
1 - King of the Hill by Paul Newton.
Be the first player to get your King to the top of the hill!
1 - King with a Shotgun by Adam Norberg.
Twice each game, the King can make a non-moving Rook capture.
1 - Kinzoku by Lev Grigoriev.
Small variant for little ones, is based on Dobutsu but is very different from it.
1 - Ki Shogi by Larry Smith.
Variant of Shogi played without a board, and pieces are cubes
1 - Knavish Chess by Charles Gilman.
Variant using square-board analogues to 6-way hex-board Dabbabas
1 - Knight Court by JasonWittman.
Mate the knight with three pieces per player on a three by three board.
1 - Kobayashi Maru Variant of Star Trek 3-D Chess by Larry Smith.
A variant set of rules for playing chess using the 3 dimensionsal set featured on the TV series Star Trek
1 - Koopa Chess by Ralph Betza.
Form of chess based on the Mario Brothers series of video games.
1 - Korean Carrera by Daniil Frolov.
1 - Korean Random Chess by Jose Carrillo.
A Korean Chess variation with a random setup and a few new rules
1 - Koval's Hexagonal Chess by Max Koval.
A new way to play chess on hexagonal cells
1 - Kyoto Shogi.
Modern 5x5 Shogi variant where pieces promote and unpromote with every move
1 - Kyou Shogi by Edward Webb.
Modified Chu Shogi with pieces from and inspired by Tenjiku Shogi, featuring jumping pieces and Fire Demons.
1 - Ladies and Generals by Charles Gilman.
Array diagram converted to new-style virtual single image
1 - Lancers Chess by JT K.
chess with lancer piece, lancers instead of knights
1 - Leaping/Missing Bat Chess by John Savard.
Large variant on a 16x12 board with many fairy pieces.
1 - Lemniscate Chess by David Cannon.
Chess played on a Lemniscate board (in the shape of an infinity symbol)
1 - Life, the Universe and Everything by João Neto.
42-square double-move variant with unusual pieces, inspired by Douglas Adams' fiction
1 - Lines of Relay (LoR) by Jörg Knappen.
Chess variant featuring a new type of morphing piece, the Lore apprentice, on a standard board together with the standard pieces
1 - Lion Chess by Joseph Boyer.
Replaces the riders in Chess with hoppers
1 - LiQi by Larry Smith.
Very Strong Chess
1 - Litrof by Glenn Overby II.
Variant on 42 squares played with stacks of Icehouse pyramids, where different color pyramids give stacks different powers
1 - Little Dragon Chess by Peter Aronson.
Modern small variant of Xiangqi on board of 41 squares.
1 - Los Alamos Vierschach by Jörg Knappen.
Four player variant of small variant Los Alamos Chess
1 - Maces, Horse-apults, and Tulpas by Gary Gifford.
The game of Maces and Horse-apults with the likely use of tulpas pieces.
1 - Maces and Horse-apults by Gary Gifford.
Chess with mace pieces and specialized catapults (horse-apults).
1 - Mad Elephant Chess by Peter Aronson.
Pawns can be turned into Elephants; Elephants can promote to Mad Elephants, and Mad Elephants can trample lines of pieces.
1 - magic mashers by Andy Maxson.
another experimental chess with different armies variant
1 - Magna Carta Chess by Charles Gilman.
Black has the FIDE array, White has a Marshal and an Archbishop instead of a Queen and King
1 - Maharaja and the Sepoys.
Powerful lonely king against a full set of pieces.
1 - MANEVAR a.k.a. Maneuver by Bishop Drax.
Game with infantry, cavalry, and archers and multiple moves per turn.
1 - Marine Game.
Small wargame, simulating a sea battle.
1 - Marinelli's three-handed chess, or Triple Chess by Philip Marinelli.
Historic chess variant for three players
1 - Matrix Chess by David Cannon.
Chess played on a tessellation of pentagons and diamonds. The name comes from the matrix in which diamonds are found.
1 - Mecklenbeck Chess by Bernd Eickenscheidt.
Pawns can promote on the sixth row.
1 - Medusa Shogi by Gary Gifford.
1 - Mega-Chess by David Howe.
A chess game where each piece is a chess game!
1 - Meirav by כהן דותן.
Pieces are buried before they are captured, buried pieces may capture other buried pieces.
1 - Metamorph Chess by Fergus Duniho.
Variant in which pieces transform by fixed rules into other pieces.
1 - Microorganism Chess by Mark Hedden.
A 16x16 board with pieces that behave like micro-organisms.
1 - Military Chess by E. Joseph Cossman.
19th century commercial chess variant
1 - Millennium 3D Chess (tm) by William D’Agostino.
1 - mini-Chieftain by Joe Joyce.
One Small Multi-Move Game in Two Configurations
1 - Mini Thunder Chess by Fergus Duniho.
A small-scale hybrid of Metamorph Chess, Fusion Chess, and Assimilation Chess.
1 - Minjiku Shogi by H. G. Muller.
Wild shogi variant, with pieces that burn neighbors or jump many pieces
1 - Mir Chess by David Paulowich.
Modern Shatranj based variant with with Chinese cannons.
1 - Mitregi by Charles Gilman.
Shogi variant with more powerful diagonal pieces.
1 - Mitsugumi Shogi by A. DeWitt.
Smaller variant of Suzumu Shogi on a 13x13 board.
1 - Modern Kamil by Nuno Cruz.
Two variants that add the Camel to the standard Orthochess array on enlarged boards
1 - Modern Random Chess by Jose Carrillo.
1 - Napoleonic Chess by Tom Hartley.
Large chess variant with the `spirit of the Armies of the Napoleonic period'.
1 - Nearlydouble Chess by Charles Gilman.
A 2d variant with the whole of two identical sets minus the second King
1 - Nearlydouble Hex Chess by Charles Gilman.
Applying the Nearlydouble principle to Wellisch and McCooey Chess
1 - Nearlydouble Wildebeest by Charles Gilman.
A variant with the whole of two identical Wildebeest sets minus the second King
1 - Neo Chess by J. Naylor.
Four player chess on 8 by 10 board from 1925
1 - Nietzsche Chess by Charles Gilman.
That which does not capture a piece, makes it stronger.
1 - Nimrod Chess by Charles Gilman.
All the same moves as FIDE Chess, but not NECESSARILY on the same pieces
1 - Nine elders by Daphne Snowmoon.
Sittuyin + Shogi
1 - Noble WingS Chess by Mark Simpson.
Noble Wing - with twice as many variant pieces.
1 - Not-so colorbound cylindrical chess by Daniil Frolov.
Game only with pieces, that would be colorbound on normal board.
1 - Not a Dodgson System Chess by Hans Bodlaender.
Four player variant, using Alice chess movement. Win by taking most of the eliminated players pieces
1 - Novo Chess by L. Weijden.
War game chess variant from the Netherlands, 1937.
1 - Obento Chess by Eric Silverman and Jean-Louis Cazaux.
12x12 Chess variant with Shogi-style promotions and bent sliding pieces
1 - Oblique by Tony Quintanilla.
Variant with board with 40 squares turned 45 degrees.
1 - OctHex 146 by Charles Gilman.
Arranging the geometry of Tetrahedral Chess into an octahedron
1 - Ohm's Chess by Rushil Baweja.
A fun combination of Chess and Dota
1 - Omega Chess by Gabriel Vicente Maura.
Players have many pieces that can only move in the direction they point at.
1 - Once More, with Deans by Charles Gilman.
Subvariants of River-with-university-and-cathedral series with extra piece type
1 - One Ring by Robert Price.
White wants to get the Ring to the far side and destroy it
1 - One Ring Chess by Larry Smith.
One dimensional chess played on a ring-shaped board.
1 - Operational Chess 2 by Andy Thomas.
Large, wargame inspired variant with ranged pieces.
1 - Orda Mirror by Daniel Lee.
Symmetric battle using the Horde armies from Orda Chess
1 - Orthodia by Lev Grigoriev.
Break your orthogonal and diagonal patterns! (Two versions).
1 - Outback Chess by Timothy Newton.
New pieces on plus-shaped board
1 - Pachessi by Peter Aronson.
Race and chess game on board formed by removing 3 by 3 square from center of 7 by 7 square.
1 - Padwar qi by Daniil Frolov.
1 - Paired Piece Tunnelchess by Charles Gilman.
A new approach to the Tunnelchess first rank
1 - Palace Shogi by Silvia Hollinshead.
A complicated hybrid of Shogi, Xiang Qi, and Chess
1 - Panal: a hexagonal chess by Glenn Overby II.
A double-royal piece variant on a 61-hex board.
1 - PASGL 312 Chess by Ralph Betza.
Critters steal lunch in the forest, while trying to get close to the campfire and avoid the train
1 - Pass variants by Charles Gilman.
4-player Xiang, Anglis, &c. Qi on a 10x10 board with intersecting Rivers
1 - Pawn Shogi by Eric Greenwood.
Experimental shogi variant with different types of pawns.
1 - Perfect Chess by Köksal Karakus.
On 8 by 8 board with combination pieces.
1 - Phi Chess with Different Armies by Joshua Morris.
Choose your own army on a 13x8 board.
1 - Pick-the-team chess by Hans Bodlaender.
Make up a list of pieces and choose your pieces from your and your opponents list.
1 - Pillars of Medusa by Gary Gifford.
A variation of Turkish Great Chess plus two additional pieces, the Morph and the Medusa.
1 - Pink Panther Chess by Charles Gilman.
Possess the Pink Panther diamond give your piece extra moves
1 - Pirates-Henge-Ho by R Chafe.
Small variant with pirates theme.
1 - Pizza Kings by John Lawson.
An experimental army for Chess with Different Armies, with lots of calories.
1 - Platform Chess by Robert Price.
Pieces move normally or ride on 2x2 platforms that move themselves
1 - Pocket Polypiece Chess 43 by Antoine Fourrière.
Game with off-board pocket where all pieces of a type change when one piece of a type is moved normally
1 - Pompeii Chess by Dan Troyka.
Variant on board with 25 squares
1 - Power Chess 1998 by Ronald Hoekstra.
Taken pieces can reenter.
1 - Proto Prelates by Charles Gilman.
An Armies of Faith offshoot adding Bishop compounds named after pre-Christian religious titles
1 - QB Goes East 98 squares by Charles Gilman.
Quadruple Besiege versions of Shogi, Xiang Qi, and offshoots using single sets on 2 7x7 boards
1 - QB Goes East 162 squares by Charles Gilman.
Quadruple Besiege versions of Shogi, Xiang Qi, and offshoots using double sets on 2 9x9 boards
1 - Quadd Shogi by (zzo38) A. Black.
Shogi with 4 squares for each one space in normal Shogi.
1 - Quadruple Besiege Chess by Charles Gilman.
A variant on a "finite but unbounded" board comprising two FIDE boards notionally joined on every edge.
1 - Quang Trung Chess (4th edition) by Vu Vo.
Variant with standard equipment, with different moving pieces, and elements of Xiangqi and FIDE-chess
1 - Queens or Castles by Gary Gifford.
Name, graphics and rules modified.
1 - Racing Kings by Vernon Parton.
From a special setup, be the first to have your king reach the last row
1 - Radioactive Queen Chess by Lev Grigoriev.
White has a little diff in setup, but great diff in the game
1 - Reformed Courier-Spiel by Clément Begnis.
Begnis's attempt to reform the Courier-Spiel proposed by H.C. Albers in 1821
1 - Remarkable Rookies by Ralph Betza.
A team for Chess with Different Armies with Rook-like pieces
1 - Replacement Chess.
Captured pieces must be put on an empty square on the board.
1 - Reservists' doublechess by Andrew L Smith.
Each side has 16 non-pawn pieces, split among 10 types
1 - REX Hexagonal Chess by Arnaldo D'Almeida.
Six Direction Chess
1 - Rifle Chess by W. B. Seabrook.
Pieces are taken by shooting: capturing without moving
1 - Riftwalker Chess by Nick Fletcher.
A 4 dimensional game on a 3x3x3x3 board.
1 - Ringworld Chess by Charles Gilman.
Themed hex variant differentiating opposite directions along orthogonals
1 - Rollerball by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
Chess race fight on board formed by removing 3 by 3 square from center of 7 by 7 square.
1 - Rotorblades Fusion Chess by David Cannon.
Played on a circular tiling on triangular cells. A further development of my previous game, Rotorblades Chess.
1 - Round Table Chess 84 by Richard VanDeventer.
Chess on a special round board with 84 squares
1 - Royal Amazon Chess by Peter Aronson.
Queens are replaced by Royal Amazons
1 - Royal Court by Sidney LeVasseur.
On 8 by 10 board with crowned knights: can move like king or knight.
1 - Rutherford’s 1-dimensional Shogi by Jonathan Rutherford.
Modern one-dimensional chess variant, based upon Shogi
1 - Ryu Shogi by Jared McComb.
Large modern shogi variant
1 - Saisho shogi by Francesco Fonseca.
Game with one dice-shaped shared piece
1 - Samarcanda by Nuno Cruz.
Variant of Mideast Chess with Crooked Bishops
1 - Sankaku Shogi by Larry Smith.
Small Shogi variant played on a board of 44 triangles with no drops and a teleporting Emperor
1 - Schachdame by Heinrich Richter.
Variant between Checkers and Chess
1 - Scheherazade by Robert Shimmin.
Pieces may combine with other pieces to form combination pieces.
1 - Scirocco (original) by Adrian King.
On ten by ten board with over thirty different pieces.
1 - Self's three-handed chess by Henry Self.
19th century chess variant for three players.
1 - SerPent Chess 50 by Charles Gilman.
Pentagonal cells form hexagonal blocks in two ways.
1 - Sesqui-dimensional Chess by Jeff Cornell.
1d circular variant where pieces move clockwise, counterclockwise, and *across the center* of the circle.
1 - Shafran's Hexagonal Chess by Isaak Shafran.
Hexagonal variant from the early Soviet Union
1 - Shambhala chess by Daniil Frolov.
Maybe, it's the misterious first form of chess? Actually, most probably, not.
1 - Share Squares by JT K.
AKA Two's Company; Three's a Crowd
1 - Shatranj Kamil (64) by David Paulowich.
Modern Shatranj based variant on 8 by 8 board with new pieces
1 - Shogi with Cannons by John Smith.
Clarified Pawn drop rules.
1 - short splicers by Andy Maxson.
An experimental chess with different armies army
1 - Sigma 4 Shogi by Daniel Roth.
Updated rules and added new pieces
1 - Sino-European Chess by Andy Thomas.
1 - Sixteen Pawns by M. de Kemur.
Trade a queen for 8 extra pawn
1 - Snark Hunt by Peter Aronson.
Variant with unequal armies on board with 41 squares, inspired by a poem of Lewis Carroll's
1 - Soccer Chess by João Neto.
Chess Variant inspired by soccer
1 - Spherical chess by Don Miller and Leo Nadvorney.
Sides of the board are considered to be connected to form a sphere
1 - Spire orth triangular xiang-qi by Daniil Frolov.
1 - Star Pool Chess by Peter Aronson and Tony Quintanilla.
Large variant of Makruk, with a center non-square that acts as a bridge.
1 - Stealth Chess by Dice Corporation.
Commercial game with elements from Chess and from Stratego
1 - Stelliform 6 player Chess by Charles Gilman.
Stellisch from Wellisch, Stellicorn from Revergent, and Stellgi and Hexgi
1 - Stock Goes East 25 files by Charles Gilman.
Stockschach-style analogues to Shogi, Xiang Qi, and offshoots
1 - Stock Goes East 49 files by Charles Gilman.
Stockschach-style analogues to Shogi, Xiang Qi, and offshoots
1 - Stockschach by Charles Gilman.
3d game with "stock" 3d analogues to FIDE pieces
1 - String Chess by Aaron Hall.
A one-dimensional variant with a fairy theme
1 - Sudoku War by Joost Brugh.
A fight that takes place in a Sudoku
1 - Sunflower HexChess by Graeme Neatham.
Hexagonal Chess in-the-round
1 - Super Tamerlane by Nicolino Will.
A more modern version of the original Tamerlane Chess
1 - Suzumu Shogi by A. DeWitt.
16x16 variant based on Tenjiku Shogi.
1 - Symmetric Sissa by Carlos Cetina.
Variant on 9 by 9 board with symmetric setup and two Sissa's (generalized Knight-like sliders)
1 - Symmetron! 112 by Antoine Fourrière and Roberto Lavieri.
Large version of Symmetron!, with a third modifier.
1 - Take Over Chess by Tony Quintanilla.
Jump across pieces to take them over from your opponent.
1 - Tapestry Chess by David Howe.
Chess on a four-color 6x6 board, with a 5 square control board.
1 - TAXI: The Nuclear C.a.B. Chess Game by Joe Joyce.
Yet another 45-46 Square Contest entry
1 - Templar Chess by Adrian Alvarez de la Campa.
Features the unorthodox Templar on a board with eight extra squares.
1 - Tepuy by Roberto Lavieri.
A territorial game, with unique setup, movement and capturing.
1 - Terrain Chess by Ronald Drinning.
Roll dice to create impassable squares.
1 - Tetrahedral Shogi and Tetrahedral Hexgi by Charles Gilman.
Shogi-based 3d variants on an enlargement of the Tetrahedral Chess board
1 - Threatened Pawn Chess by Sydney Schultz.
Pawns start in threatened positions.
1 - Three Player Hex Shogi 91 by Fergus Duniho.
a hexagonal Shogi variant for three players.
1 - Three Realms Chess by Andrew L Smith.
A three layer variant with familiar and fantastical pieces
1 - Throne Chess by Kevin Pacey.
Same game as chess, except playing King to K8 wins too, by Thronemate
1 - Through the Looking-Glass by Paolo .
Alice chess, but you see only a board
1 - Tiger Hunt by David Paulowich.
Variant of The Maharaja and the Sepoys
1 - Timeline by George Marino.
Pieces travel through time on four 4 x 4 x 4 boards.
1 - Time Travel Chess by Gary Gifford.
Pieces can travel into the Future. Kings can also return to the Past!
1 - Tishai by James Ernest.
Played on a 7x7 board with 2 sideboards.
1 - Torus Chess by Köksal Karakus.
Large chess variant on torus shaped board.
1 - Total Symmetry Chess by Davor Vujacic.
24 random balanced symmetrical starting positions
1 - Toto40 by Peter Aronson.
Staircase board with fighting line in the middle, inspired by Totolospi game of Hopi Indians.
1 - Tremendous Chess by Вадря Покштя.
Tremendous Chess is a large chess variant that is played on a 16×16 chessboard with 112 pieces per player.
1 - Triaxial Qi by Charles Gilman.
A 3d variant based on Xiang Qi but with triaxial steppers
1 - Trihex by Marek14 .
Three-player hexagonal variant with extra pieces
1 - Trios Hex Chess by Charles Gilman.
Filling Glinsky-size camps with extra pieces
1 - TRiPLiCiTY by David Jagger.
Three player hexagonal chess variant
1 - Tripunch Chess by Ralph Betza.
Knights become Nightriders, Rooks add Gryphon moves, Bishops add Aanca moves, and Queens become unbelievable
1 - True King by Roxy Wu.
A Grand Chess variant.
1 - Tryslmaistan Chess.
Fictional chess variant on board made of 24 triangles.
1 - Turkish Chess by Köksal Karakus.
8x10 board with different combination pieces, Vao and Pao.
1 - Turnover by Lúcio José Patrocínio Filho.
Three ring sizes fit into each other, combining and splitting into different pieces, sometimes taking over your opponent's.
1 - Turn Qi by Charles Gilman.
Cannonless Xiang Qi on a Byzantine-style board, complete with Byzantine geography!
1 - Twelve Mutation Chess by David Howe.
Variant that uses 12 mutators that may be activated or deactivated during the game
1 - Ulchesgi by (zzo38) A. Black.
Like Ultima and Chess and Shogi
1 - Unconventional Warfare Chess by Luiz Campos.
Variant based on modern warfare
1 - Unicorn Chess by David Paulowich.
10x10 variant with a new piece that moves as a Bishop or a Nightrider.
1 - Unirexal Chess by Vernon Parton.
Only white has a king
1 - Vanguard Chess by Bob Greenwade.
Game on 16x16 board, with 48 pieces per player
1 - Variants playable against the diagram's AI by H. G. Muller.
Index of variants that can be played against the interactive diagram
1 - VD Chess by Davor Vujacic.
VD Chess is a game of random chess with 5,760 possible starting positions and with fairy pieces.
1 - Very Heavy Chess by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
A lot of firepower with all compounds of classical chess pieces
1 - veSQuj - Chess with 21st century armies by Glenn Overby II.
A highly tactical variant with a 21st-century-war theme.
1 - Vierschach by G. Lutze.
19th Century 4-player game where allies start off at right angles to each other
1 - Vortex Chess by Robert LeRoy.
Ortho-chess with the inclusion of a new piece: the Portal.
1 - Waider's three-handed chess by Waider.
1 - Wand Chess by Ralph Betza.
Pieces have a magic wand, that gives random outcomes
1 - Warlord Games by Joe Joyce.
Structured multi-move abstract strategy games of battle
1 - War of World`s Warriors Chess by Namik Zade.
The War of World`s Warriors Chess
1 - Waterfall Xinag-Qi by Daniil Frolov.
An elegant 3D xinag-qi variant.
1 - Weak!.
Black has 7 knights, and 16 pawns, White the usual array
1 - Wildebeast9 by wdtr2.
A Variant of Wildebeast Chess
1 - Wild Kingdom Chess by Nick Wolff.
1 - Wild Tamerlane Chess by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
A clash on a 11x11 board with pairs Queens and Eagles/Gryphons
1 - Windows Chess by David Cannon.
Windows Chess is played with usual chess equipment on a board inspired by an arch-window.
1 - Wing and RiverQi by Glenn Nicholls.
New, smaller version of Dragon.
1 - Xiang Hex by Larry Smith.
1 - Xiangqi 42 by Robert Price.
A minature version of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) on 42 squares.
1 - Xiangqi vs Orthodox Chess by Travis Z.
1 - ximeracak. by Glenn Overby II.
A leaper-heavy fantasy variant designed for play with a standard set.
1 - Xorix Shogi by (zzo38) A. Black.
Shogi where piece movement are XORed with captured pieces
1 - Yalta.
A three player chess variant
1 - Yonin Bishogi by Charles Gilman.
Variant based on Yonin Shogi but with FIDE pieces
1 - Yonin Shogi by Ota Mitsuyasu.
4-handed Shogi variant
1 - Ziggurat by Glenn Overby II.
Mesopotamian-themed variant on a 43-square board.
1 - ZigZag Chess by Robert Bell.
Variant on `zigzagshaped' board
1 - ZigZag X Chess by Robert Bell.
Variant on board with new shape
1 - ZM Machiavellian Quadchess by John Zimmerman.
Modernization of Chaturanga for four players

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