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Who is Behind the Chess Variant Pages?


This is mainly a site of user-created content, not the personal site of one individual. If you want to contribute content to this site, the best way to get it done is to do it yourself. See How to Design and Post Your Own Game for details. In general, the staff is here to make sure you follow standards and to provide some assistance if you need it. We may sometimes do things for you, but we frequently don't have the time for that. If you have content to contribute, it's best that you write and post it yourself.

Editorial Staff

The Chess Variant Pages was founded by Hans Bodlaender in January of 1995. In the Spring of 1997, David Howe offered his help. By 1999, more editors had come along, including Fergus Duniho, who took over the site from David at the end of 2015. During the course of its existence, this site has had several different editors and contributors.

If you wish to contact the editors in general, go here for our general email address. To contact a specific editor, click the link on his name to get an email address.

Webmaster and Site Owner

Besides having all the powers of other editors, the webmaster has root access to the site, server, and database, and he handles domain registration, DNS, server updates, and advertising.

Senior Editors

Besides having all the powers of junior editors, senior editors have access to the site through SSH, SCP, SFTP, and the database, and they may read and answer our email address. Their access to the site allows them to post or edit content, including HTML files, PHP or JavaScript scripts, and graphic images.

Junior Editors

Like other editors, junior editors are marked in the database as editors. This allows them to use scripts on the site to edit comments and submissions, to use the File Manager on pages for other members, and to approve submissions members have posted to the site for public viewing.

Emeritus Editors

Emeritus editors are retired, but in honor of their foundational or long-term work on this site, they are still marked as editors in the database, giving them the ability to use the special scripts that only editors may use. They may edit, delete, or approve the contributions other people have added to the database. However, there is no expectation that they will do so, and they are not given the same access to the site as full editors.

Past Editors

Although these former editors do not retain any special access to the site beyond what other members have, they are, to varying degrees, responsible for much of the content found here.


Besides its editors, this site has content from many more contributors.

Game Inventors

This site also features the work of numerous Chess variant inventors, whether or not they have written any pages for this site.

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