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Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Queensdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-260-77334' 23" ago Gerd DegensRichard milner
Queensdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-240-63938' 9" ago Gerd DegensLev Grigoriev
Troitzky Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-224-0142 hours 20' ago John GallantVitya Makov
Glinski's Hexagonal Chess...bigjohn-cvgameroom-2023-195-1362 hours 28' ago John GallantDaniel Zacharias
Griffon 72 Chesssesquipedalian-cvgameroom-2023-208-9772 hours 30' ago John GallantRichard milner
Elephant_Shogiwdtr2-catugo-2023-264-1312 hours 48' ago Aurelian Floreawdtr2
Fantastic XIIItimurthelenk-cvgameroom-2023-259-6482 hours 50' ago Jean-Louis CazauxRichard milner
Metamachytimurthelenk-cvgameroom-2023-248-6932 hours 52' ago Jean-Louis CazauxRichard milner
Sissa Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2023-257-9492 hours 58' ago Kevin PaceyCarlos Cetina
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2023-254-9243 hours 5' ago Kevin PaceyHomo Simia
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2023-254-9233 hours 6' ago Kevin PaceyHomo Simia
Hectochessplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-206-8913 hours 11' ago John GallantPlay Tester
Seireigichessshogi-cvgameroom-2023-264-8364 hours 38' ago wdtr2A. DeWitt
Grand Apothecary Chess 2catugo-cvgameroom-2023-244-5024 hours 40' ago Aurelian FloreaDaniel Zacharias
Expanded Chesssissa-arx-2023-125-4115 hours 28' ago Carlos CetinaDaniel Zacharias
Cetran Chess 3arx-sissa-2023-254-7515 hours 28' ago Carlos CetinaDaniel Zacharias
Jetansesquipedalian-cvgameroom-2022-343-1747 hours 28' ago Daniel ZachariasRichard milner
Atlantean Coffee House Sh...arx-cvgameroom-2023-258-8467 hours 31' ago Daniel ZachariasRichard milner
Tiger Chessarx-cvgameroom-2023-164-0947 hours 31' ago Daniel ZachariasRichard milner
Euchessplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-221-0457 hours 44' ago Play TesterOisín D.
Knightmateplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-224-6257 hours 44' ago Play TesterOisín D.
Different Pawns Random Ch...makov333-cvgameroom-2023-115-5488 hours 5' ago Vitya MakovOisín D.
Amazon Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-223-5658 hours 6' ago Vitya MakovOisín D.
Sissa Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2023-256-2028 hours 23' ago Carlos CetinaRichard milner
Cetran Chess 1sissa-cvgameroom-2023-200-0518 hours 23' ago Carlos CetinaJeremy Thompson
4D Hexagonal Chessjoejoyce-panther-2023-262-3208 hours 26' ago Kevin PaceyJoe Joyce
Chu Shogiwdtr2-cvgameroom-2023-233-9949 hours 9' ago wdtr2Richard milner
Elephant_Shogiwdtr2-cvgameroom-2023-264-1479 hours 10' ago wdtr2Richard milner
Faceoff Chesscryinto-cvgameroom-2023-200-5919 hours 16' ago Oisín D.Lev Grigoriev
Nutty Knights vs. Fabulou...makov333-cvgameroom-2023-197-9749 hours 19' ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Philosopher's Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2023-226-0349 hours 19' ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Chess 1010panther-cvgameroom-2023-253-1369 hours 48' ago Kevin PaceyRichard milner
Seireigichessshogi-cvgameroom-2023-264-8379 hours 49' ago A. DeWittRichard milner
Squirrel Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-223-5679 hours 57' ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Grand Rider Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2023-226-0349 hours 58' ago Oisín D.Richard milner
Queens IIdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-251-68710 hours 45' ago Richard milnerGerd Degens
Queenmaniadegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-240-75310 hours 47' ago Richard milnerGerd Degens
Stone Garden Chesscryinto-cvgameroom-2023-162-82110 hours 52' ago Richard milnerLev Grigoriev
Orthodiacryinto-cvgameroom-2023-243-86110 hours 53' ago Richard milnerLev Grigoriev
Throne Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-253-13712 hours 54' ago Kevin PaceyJeremy Thompson
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2023-220-88314 hours 12' ago Homo SimiaJeremy Thompson
Different Pawns Random Ch...makov333-cvgameroom-2023-224-01315 hours 4' ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Fischer Random Chessplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-240-15616 hours 4' ago Play TesterJeremy Thompson
Fischer Random Chessjezzat-cvgameroom-2023-235-57416 hours 4' ago Play TesterJeremy Thompson
10-directional Chessplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-240-15616 hours 4' ago Play TesterJeremy Thompson
Berolina Chessplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-221-04416 hours 4' ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Griffon Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-223-5661 day, 8 hours ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Grasshopper Chessmarkonmoon-swiggy07-2023-264-6891 day, 15 hours ago mark markswiggy hippo
Elephant_Shogiwdtr2-cvgameroom-2023-264-1382 days, 4 hours ago wdtr2Anyone
Troitzky Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-224-0154 days, 17 hours ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Balbo's Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-219-4884 days, 18 hours ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Gigachess IIluvibeme-henry000999-2023-260-5345 days, 19 hours ago Luvibeme Sapienshenry Henry
Gigachess IIhenry000999-luvibeme-2023-260-5365 days, 19 hours ago henry HenryLuvibeme Sapiens
Gigachess IIhenry000999-luvibeme-2023-260-5355 days, 19 hours ago henry HenryLuvibeme Sapiens
Gigachess IIhenry000999-luvibeme-2023-260-5345 days, 19 hours ago henry HenryLuvibeme Sapiens
Gigachess IIhenry000999-luvibeme-2023-260-5335 days, 19 hours ago henry HenryLuvibeme Sapiens
Cardinal Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-246-9056 days, 10 hours ago Play TesterVitya Makov


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How to Delete a Log

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