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This page is written by the game's inventor, Ralph Betza.

The Forward FIDEs

This is a team made up of pieces whose forward and sideward moves are exactly the same as the Fabulous FIDEs, but whose retreating moves are different.

This is an excellent first team for excellent chessplayers. The all-important forward moves are the same, so that a great deal of opening theory is still useful (presuming that the game is between the Fabulous FIDEs and the Forward FIDEs); at the same time, there is just enough of a difference to be intriguing.

In the Center

The Forequeen, or fsQbhNbK, moves forwards or sideways as the Queen, but retreats using either the moves of the Knight or King.

In the Corner

The Furlrurlbakking, or frlRrlbK, is known from the Nutty Knights team.

This piece moves and captures just like a FIDE Rook when it moves forwards or sideways, but when it retreats it moves like the King (one square diagonally or one square Rookwise).

On the Bishop's Squares

The Bishight (fBbN) moves forward as a Bishop and backwards as a Knight.

On g1 and b1 (or g8 and b8)

The Knishop (fNbB) moves forward as a Knight and backward as a Bishop.


I had decided not to add any more new teams for a while, but this was too good to skip.

A Forward FIDEs Problem

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