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This page is written by the game's inventor, Vu Vo.

History| New Concepts| Definitions Briefing on Bach Dang Chess Board+Pieces| Setup| Ship| Notation

Bach Dang Chess vs Quang Trung Chess
Everything about Bach Dang Chess is identical to Quang Trung Chess. Except for the following:
1. The board,
2. The new piece--the ship,
3. The notation, and
4. The set-up.

Board and Pieces
Bach Dang Chess is played on a 10x10 checkered board by two players. See figure-1A below. The 10x10 is divided into four quadrants to help the players easily visualize the movement of the ship. Initially, each side gets a total of 20 pieces: 1-king(K), 1-queen(Q), 2-knights(N), 2-bishops(B), 2-elephants(E), 2-rooks(R), 2-ships(S), and 8-pawns(P).

The Set-up
The initial arrangement of the pieces is as in figure-1A above, where the king is on it color square. White goes first.


The Bach Dang Chess Ship
Compare to other existing pieces, the Bach Dang Chess ship would resemble the elephant in Korean chess the most, which actually is a sub-set of the ship.

The Bach Dang Chess ship moves and captures by going (1) zero or five paces diagonally, (2) then three paces orthogonally, (3) then turn two paces orthogonally at right angle into an empty square or an enemy occupied square, in which case the enemy is capture and removed from the board. The ship may jump over any occupied square. See figure-9 and figure-10 below. Do notice that Bach Dang Chess board is divided into four quadrants to help the players easily visualize the movement of the ship. Please figure out why it is so!


Use Quang Trung Chess notation whenever posible. There will be a time when such a notation will be incompleted. If it is the case, then add to notation the file, or the rank (only if the description of the file is useless)of where the moving or capturing piece is coming from.

Play It!

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This variant is an entry in the 1999 Large Variant contest.

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