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Large Variant 99 Contest

This webpage gives pointers to more information on the contest to design `large chess variants'.


The games

  1. Chesseract. By Jim Aikin.
  2. Eight-Stone Chess. By Jim Aikin. Third Place! (unoffical)
  3. Edge of the World. By Michael Fryer.
  4. Nahbi Chess. By Uri Bruck.
  5. Centennial Chess. By John William Brown. Third Place! (unofficial)
  6. Scirocco. By Adrian King.
  7. Mammoth Chess. By Kevin Begley.
  8. Quang Trung Chess. By Vu Q. Vo. Finalist!
  9. Maelstrom. By Michael Asher.
  10. Pick the Team Chess. By Hans Bodlaender.
  11. Shako. By Jean-Louis Cazaux.
  12. Tamerlane II. By Jean-Louis Cazaux.
  13. Jester Chess. By Thomas Havel.
  14. Camblam. By Michael Asher.
  15. Omega Chess. By Daniel C. Macdonald. Second Place! (unoffical)
  16. Spinach Chess. By Hans Bodlaender.
  17. Conveyor Chess. By Zachary Catlin.
  18. Ultra Chess. By Ruggero Micheletto. Finalist!
  19. Royal Court. By Sidney LeVasseur.
  20. King's Court. By Sidney LeVasseur. Finalist!
  21. Round Table Chess. By Richard G. van Deventer.
  22. Mini Citadel Chess. By A. J. Winkelspecht.
  23. Divergent Chess. By A. J. Winkelspecht.
  24. Vyrémorn Chess. By Nathan McDonald. Winner! (unoffical)
  25. Flee! By Andy Kurnia.
  26. Round Table Chess II. By Richard G. van Deventer.
  27. Quex. By Soleste (Stephen Larson).
  28. Bomberman Chess. By Bryan Lambert. Finalist!
  29. Typhoon. By Adrian King.
  30. Keyles. By Stephen Larson.
  31. Webball. By J. R. Schmidt.
  32. Napoleonic Chess.By Tom Hartley.
  33. Fantasy Grand Chess. By Peter S. Hatch.
  34. Scheherazade. By Robert Shimmin.
  35. Big Outer Chess. By Peter Blanchard.
  36. Chess 99. By Alfred Pfeiffer.
  37. Little Cheops. By B. Gregory Johnson.


Not competing

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