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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

Great battle

I was bored one night and saw the exotic pieces applet and i came up with this. this is based off ultimate  battle chess. This can be played with exotic chess applet I just changed most of the piece names. just use: bulldozers for rams, abbots for elephants, camels for knights, crabs for pawns, rooks for chariots, and a sissa for the queen.


P: pawn
E: elephant
R: ram
Q: queen
Uppercase pieces are black


king: moves normally.
queen: either moves as rook then bishop for equal distance as it moved as rook  or vice versa (in other words it moves as a sissa.
The chariot moves as a rook. but without castling
The knight moves as a camel.
ram: moves as a king but does not take in this manner, to capture moves as king into occupied squares and pushes all pieces in complete line in a straight line in the same direction.
pawn moves one square diagonally forwards captures same way no double step promotes to any in setup (or whatever you choose in exotic pieces applet)
elephant: moves as bishop or 2,0 leaper


rules are as in orthochess


The ram was added because colorbound pieces are'nt easy to use. my promotion rule was made because just because a piece isn't in the opening setup doesn't mean it does not exist

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By Andy Maxson.
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