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Trefoil Chess. Chess on a trefoil-shaped board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
KelvinFox wrote on 2022-01-27 UTC

and a two-player?

Max Koval wrote on 2022-01-27 UTC

I'm pretty proud of this one, and it would be fun to make a four-circle version of that, maybe with fewer amount of cells.

Shinobi Chess. (Updated!) Asymmetric variant where one army has droppable Shogi-inspired pieces that start in hand.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Reiniger wrote on 2022-01-26 UTC

The Horse movement image is not uploaded here. Oh, you had just linked to the wrong directory. Fixed and published.

E-Chess. (Updated!) The chess pieces appear on the board during the game.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Reiniger wrote on 2022-01-26 UTC

This wasn't approved just now when I checked; since Fergus evidently meant to, I've approved it now.

But it's not clear to me from the description what happens when a king moves from the first or last rank: just no piece is created? And do I understand correctly that just moving a rook around the board will generate lots of queens? If so, it probably doesn't qualify for the Usual Equipment category.

All piece Drops Chess. Drop all pieces on the board and play.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Reiniger wrote on 2022-01-26 UTC

so is this OK for deletion, or can you clarify the rules (and upload the images directly here)?

New Tale Intro. multimove chess-based abstract wargame.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Reiniger wrote on 2022-01-26 UTC

Hi Joe, this page's index entry got created but content was never written. Will you come back to it, or should we delete the index entry, or ...?

Ads in French[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Max Koval wrote on 2022-01-25 UTC

Maybe it would be reasonable to try blocking this particular word or item in the settings of your advertising provider (I can't say exactly if an eBay account is required). I'm not sure if the CV staff can help in this situation, although this seriously seems to be quite a fun case.

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2022-01-25 UTC

This is a feedback not a critic. I'm not sure that anything can be done to improve.

Being based in France, I see ads from e-bay in French. But many are not related to chess. The reason is that "chess" is "échecs" in French, always at plural, with an "s" at the end. The word in singular, "échec" means "failure" in English. (It also means "check" which may complicate).

So, there several ads for books dealing with the failure of something, failure of education, failure of economy, whatever, but no relation at all with chess.

Hope this may help

Maka Dai Dai Shogi. Pieces promote on capture, some to multi-capturing monsters. (19x19, Cells: 361) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Bn Em wrote on 2022-01-24 UTC

I think you've asked a similar question before, and the answer (including re this case) is further down this comment thread ;)

I also have a question of my own: just to clarify, a Dark Spirit or Buddhist Spirit capturing a Deva or Teaching King, or vice versa, causes it, like other pieces, to convert to its victim? The notes clarify that, as expected, one of them would disappear, but don't make clear which one, and one could make a case imo for contageous pieces being immune to contageon themselves.

Adam DeWitt wrote on 2022-01-24 UTC

@H. G. Muller Question: What would the moving piece promote to in the scenario below?

A piece with Lion Dog powers captures a deva on the first square in a given direction, captures a dark spirit on the second square in that direction, then retreats to the first square.

Immobilizer. Pieces standing near an immobilizer may not move.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
KelvinFox wrote on 2022-01-24 UTC

It would stop immobilizing when it is no longer a queen's move away from that piece

Bn Em wrote on 2022-01-24 UTC

It's still not clear what this means. A withdrawer captures by making a move, whilst an immobiliser stops others from making moves — the former's effect is on its own turn while the latter's is on the opponent's.

As such there's a couple of interpretations possible:

  • It stops things from moving away like a withdrawer. This is just a weaker immobiliser, and is already attested in Euqorab
  • It petrifies pieces that it moves away from rather than capturing them. Then the question is whether and if so when pieces can come back into play: never (as with Nemoroth's basilisk)? When the withdrawing‐petrifier moves again (leaving it able to only petrify one piece at a time)? After a larger but still fixed number of moves (turn counting, ugh)? Under some other condition? Are involuntary moves (from Swappers, shepherding pieces, Go Away!s, ⁊c.) counted? Does capturing it release pieces?

Imo the former option is not very interesting, nor necessarily well‐defined (how does it deal with knights?), while the latter is quite complex in principle and perhaps not very immobiliser‐like — though I admit the possibility of ulima‐style pieces with effects besides capture is interesting and not very well explored

KelvinFox wrote on 2022-01-23 UTC

No, it would immobilize similarly to the Withdrawer

Daniel Zacharias wrote on 2022-01-23 UTC

Would that mean other pieces could only move if they're within range of a hostile mobilizer?

KelvinFox wrote on 2022-01-23 UTC

What about a piece that imobilizes by moving AWAY

Fantastic XIII. (Updated!) A bizarre large odd chess variant with the weirdest men from Cazaux's family.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
KelvinFox wrote on 2022-01-23 UTC

Today I thought of a piece combining the snake with a Vertical rook, that would feel very nice

Chess Variant Construction Set. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
[email protected] wrote on 2022-01-21 UTC

How you get 4 player chess pieces is go to and buy colored chess pieces- they even sell 4 player chess boards!

Chennis. Kyoto-Shogi-inspired variant (with alternating piece sides), with a tennis theme.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Daniel Lee wrote on 2022-01-21 UTC

Ready to be published.

Shinobi Chess. (Updated!) Asymmetric variant where one army has droppable Shogi-inspired pieces that start in hand.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Daniel Lee wrote on 2022-01-21 UTC

Ready for publication

Empire Chess. (Updated!) Asymmetric variant where one army has pieces that move like queens but capture differently.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Daniel Lee wrote on 2022-01-21 UTC

Ready for publication

Ideas for future of chess variants[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Kevin Pacey wrote on 2022-01-20 UTC

Definitely makes sense, to me. Almost all the seven 10x10 Next Chess candidates I picked for my own personal list resemble FIDE chess a lot. Caissa Britannia may be the most different of the bunch, with a different royal piece and some piece types that use complex movements - still, I thought it might seem a cool enough game that might appeal to all but the most conservative FIDE chess players (maybe most of them, unfortunately), assuming they ever think about the Next Chess topic.

My own 10x10 Sac Chess has been played over 60 times on GC, and I was tempted to include it, but so far I (the inventor) have been mostly one of the players of these game logs. There may also be imperfections with Sac Chess, that I think I now see, but I may be wrong. In any case a Next Chess ideally should have a lot of different playable opening sequences possible, early on in the move count.

Advanced Hexagonal Chess. Hexagonal variant that has no equal.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Max Koval wrote on 2022-01-20 UTC

This page was recreated under its new name 'Ultimate Hexagonal Chess' (

Fantastic XIII. (Updated!) This is the G.C. preset for Fantastic XIII, a bizarre CV,13 types of pieces on 13x13 board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2022-01-20 UTC

Big thanks!

Chak. (Updated!) A modern vision of what a Mayan chess would look like.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2022-01-20 UTC

Nice! One thing I notice is that the script asks if you want to promote -- it's mandatory and not a choice.

Good point. I used the regular Shogi-style promotion supported by the Diagram, which always offers the choice. It is possible to implement mandatory promotion by supplying an additional JavaScript routine WeirdPromotion() on the page, which is a bit of a hassle. Perhaps I should support an alternative method for declaring promotion mandatory, e.g. through the already existing promoChoice parameter to the Diagram. With Shogi-style promotions this is currently not used. It would be logical to let the setting + mean mandatory promotion, and += that there is a choice. Unfortunately this is not backward compatible with Diagrams of games with Shogi-style promotion I (and others) made in the past, which often specify promoChoice as just +,  or not at all. I will give it some thought how best to make this a standard feature of the Diagram.

[Edit] OK. I fixed it by using a newly added feature of the Diagram (so only active after refresh of the browser cache): if the promoChoice string contains !L in some variant with Shogi-style promotion (i.e. promoOffset non-zero), the piece with ID L will not be allowed to defer, and will promote automatically on reaching the zone. This was inspired on the same notation being used with Chess-style promotions for indicated that the choice is not allowed on last rank. (Which is commonly used to force promotion of a Pawn there when promotion on other ranks is optional.)

Ideas for future of chess variants[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Daniel Zacharias wrote on 2022-01-20 UTC

Well, I didn't mean to imply by my previous post there would be only one Next Chess - previous posts clarified a plurality may be fine, too.

I didn't mean to imply that you implied that. I actually like the whole Next Chess idea, whether it's one game or several. Others might have more worthwhile things to say about it than I have.

This returns to the main subject of this thread, if people already see the Next Chess topic as flogging a dead horse. Or would that also be flogging a dead horse, too?

I don't see it that way. It's an interesting topic. Regarding your question, I have some thoughts about that, but I don't know much since I've never been involved in organized chess playing. It seems like whatever variants do achieve some popularity are very conservative, such as 960. Perhaps many who take chess seriously are interested in chess primarily for the shared experience aspect, or competition—thinking of chess as a sport more than as a game. Someone who thinks that way might perceive any suggestion of a significant change to the rules as promoting an entirely different game—a revolution rather than an evolution. Does that make any sense?

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