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Person Information

My name is Aurelian Florea (Aurelian is my given name), and I come from Romania. My current project is named the Apothecary series. It stems from my belief that chess became to small for today's standards as computers have pushed chess to a whole new level. I consider that at Grand Master and "Super" Grand Master level chess has became stale, so it deserves more, in my honest opinion. More to me (although I'm sure that's not the only path) means enlarging the board and adding new pieces. So, the first branch of the apothecary series is the classic branch which refers mostly to enlarging orthodox chess to 10x10, then 12x12 and eventually 14x14. I shall also include an wide 17x10 variant. As this is an apothecary series expect also weird piece additions especially for the larger boards games. The second branch of the apothecary series is the oriental branch which enlarges shogi, chu shogi and xiangqi. I don't consider the enlargement of those games so pressuring but out of respect for the games I like (especially shogi and to some degree chu shogi, to little degree xiangqi) I decided to create the oriental branch of the apothecary project. Finally there will be an geometrical branch which enlarges hexagonal chess and Raumschach. This is my current goal. In the future there is the catugo project, but about that at the proper time. I also decided lately (end of 2018) to try my hand at arimaa, as part of the apothecary project.

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