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Your Active Game Logs + Open Invitations

Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
FOOD FIGHT!!!bobgreenwade-cvgameroom-2024-154-8085' 1" ago Daniel ZachariasBob Greenwade
Great Rider Reefdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2024-149-3925' 34" ago Daniel ZachariasGerd Degens
Reche’s Super Faceoff M...cryinto-cvgameroom-2024-111-3736' 0" ago Daniel ZachariasDiceroller Fire
Atlantean Coffee House Sh...arx-cvgameroom-2024-185-7456' 17" ago Daniel ZachariasOisín D.
Overboardsxg-cvgameroom-2024-186-9437' 38" ago Daniel ZachariasOisín D.
Gigachesssxg-cvgameroom-2024-187-4988' 28" ago Daniel ZachariasOisín D.
Gross Chessfergus-cvgameroom-2024-147-9608' 51" ago Daniel ZachariasFergus Duniho
Secret Intelligence Chessfergus-cvgameroom-2024-182-8459' 24" ago Daniel ZachariasFergus Duniho
Sissa Style Chessarx-cvgameroom-2024-193-87511' 47" ago Daniel ZachariasOisín D.
Opulent Lemurian Shatranjarx-bobgreenwade-2024-170-79612' 46" ago Daniel ZachariasBob Greenwade
Overboardarx-cvgameroom-2024-132-94414' 30" ago Daniel Zachariaswdtr2
War of the Rosesmakov333-cvgameroom-2024-194-51228' 34" ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Berolina Chess vs. FIDE C...makov333-cvgameroom-2024-198-43929' 30" ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Thunderstruck Server Chesscryinto-cvgameroom-2024-183-2105 hours 14' ago Oisín D.Diceroller Fire
Faceoff Chesscryinto-cvgameroom-2023-200-5915 hours 20' ago Oisín D.Diceroller Fire
Fou Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2024-188-8325 hours 22' ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Pocket Shogi Coppermakov333-cvgameroom-2024-122-4846 hours 11' ago Vitya Makovwdtr2
Homo Scaccocryinto-cvgameroom-2024-197-9038 hours 35' ago Vitya MakovDiceroller Fire
Xhesscatugo-cvgameroom-2024-185-25710 hours 35' ago Diceroller FireAurelian Florea
Millennial Chessarx-cvgameroom-2024-87-83518 hours 19' ago Daniel ZachariasVitya Makov
Chinese Chessarx-cvgameroom-2024-167-25118 hours 24' ago Daniel ZachariasVitya Makov
Chinese Chess with Sparrowmakov333-cvgameroom-2024-145-59318 hours 26' ago Daniel ZachariasVitya Makov
Hannibal Chess with Gryph...catugo-arx-2024-153-40318 hours 33' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Avatar Riff Ridersdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2024-199-85222 hours 31' ago Gerd DegensAnyone
Bigorraarx-cvgameroom-2024-107-03322 hours 52' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Grand Apothecary Chess 3arx-catugo-2024-128-95122 hours 59' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Waffle Chess with Mantico...catugo-arx-2024-153-40323 hours 0' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Frog Chess with Manticore...catugo-arx-2024-153-40323 hours 1' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Hannibal Chess with Manti...catugo-arx-2024-153-40323 hours 6' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Waffle Chess with Gryphon...catugo-arx-2024-153-40323 hours 7' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Grant Acedrexmakov333-cvgameroom-2024-134-48523 hours 8' ago Daniel ZachariasVitya Makov
Chu Shogichessshogi-arx-2024-146-24023 hours 9' ago Daniel ZachariasA. DeWitt
Megalomachycatugo-arx-2024-113-67223 hours 10' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Anti-King Chess IIsxg-cvgameroom-2024-199-6761 day, 2 hours ago Oisín D.Anyone
Skicasxg-cvgameroom-2024-199-6661 day, 2 hours ago Oisín D.Anyone
Chess with Different Armiessxg-cvgameroom-2024-190-5181 day, 3 hours ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Sac Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2024-186-9431 day, 19 hours ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Royal Rumblemakov333-cvgameroom-2024-198-4392 days, 1 hour ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Little Rider Reefdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2024-198-5852 days, 4 hours ago Gerd DegensAnyone
Great Rider Reefdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2024-198-4902 days, 7 hours ago Gerd DegensAnyone
Butterfly Chesspanther-joejoyce-2024-10-8682 days, 13 hours ago Kevin PaceyJoe Joyce
Fou Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2024-196-9853 days, 19 hours ago Vitya MakovAnyone
Modern Chinese Chess'makov333-cvgameroom-2024-196-9853 days, 19 hours ago Vitya MakovAnyone
Secret Intelligence Chessfergus-duniho-2024-193-9516 days, 16 hours ago Fergus DunihoGus Duniho
Secret Intelligence Chessfergus-cvgameroom-2024-193-0096 days, 18 hours ago Fergus DunihoAnyone
Secret Intelligence Chessfergus-cvgameroom-2024-193-0076 days, 18 hours ago Fergus DunihoAnyone
Secret Intelligence Chessfergus-cvgameroom-2024-193-0066 days, 18 hours ago Fergus DunihoAnyone


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Filtering by Userid

If you enter a userid, it will list only those games in which that id identifies one of the players. Under the Next Move for column, for each game in which it is that user's turn to move, it will include a link for him to go to the PBM and make his next move. If a given user is playing any games that are not open to public view, he will need to enter his password to view these games on this page. If all your games are publicly viewable, then you don't need to include your password on this page.

How to Delete a Log

To get links for deleting logs, you must first enter a userid. To delete a log, you must be one of the players listed in the log. When you click on the link to delete a log, you will be asked for your password. Enter it and click on the Delete button. If your userid matches one of the players, and if your password is correct, the log will be deleted.

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