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Your Active Game Logs + Open Invitations

Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Panoplyarx-cssdixieland-2022-172-297-42" ago P. DixielandDaniel Zacharias
Grand Shatranjpanther-joejoyce-2022-123-927-27" ago Joe JoyceKevin Pacey
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2022-176-932-51" ago Play TesterKevin Pacey
Sac Chessplaytester-cvgameroom-2022-175-631-48" ago Play TesterKevin Pacey
Two Players Four Seasons ...cssdixieland-cvgameroom-2022-175-32116' 36" ago P. DixielandDaniel Zacharias
Shogi with Impassable Kingsfergus-mageofmaple-2022-162-82036' 56" ago Greg StrongFergus Duniho
Modern Shatranjpanther-joejoyce-2022-123-92946' 34" ago Kevin PaceyJoe Joyce
Two Players Chaturajiarx-cssdixieland-2022-151-94448' 51" ago P. DixielandDaniel Zacharias
Two Players Chaturajicssdixieland-cvgameroom-2022-127-8971 hour 27' ago P. DixielandDaniel Zacharias
Heroes Hexagonal Chess ve...arx-cvgameroom-2022-164-9492 hours 19' ago Richard milnerDaniel Zacharias
Fantastic XIIIarx-cvgameroom-2022-149-8832 hours 21' ago Richard milnerDaniel Zacharias
Grand Apothecary Chess 1arx-cvgameroom-2022-131-3702 hours 23' ago Richard milnerDaniel Zacharias
Universal Decimal Chessarx-sissa-2022-103-3274 hours 24' ago Daniel ZachariasCarlos Cetina
Expanded Chesssissa-arx-2022-135-1324 hours 26' ago Daniel ZachariasCarlos Cetina
Grand Apothecary Chess 2arx-catugo-2022-163-7854 hours 36' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Grand Apothecary Chess 2arx-catugo-2022-163-7934 hours 37' ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Al-Cespanther-arx-2022-174-0064 hours 43' ago Kevin PaceyDaniel Zacharias
Tamerlane IIarx-cvgameroom-2022-169-3404 hours 56' ago Daniel ZachariasDmitry Strel
Tigreyarx-cvgameroom-2022-169-3434 hours 56' ago Daniel ZachariasDmitry Strel
Tigreysesquipedalian-cvgameroom-2022-172-8814 hours 57' ago Richard milnerDaniel Zacharias
Grand Apothecary Chess 1sesquipedalian-catugo-2022-169-8115 hours 14' ago Richard milnerAurelian Florea
shako_balbosesquipedalian-cvgameroom-2022-162-0715 hours 16' ago Richard milnerwdtr2
Chess with Different Armiesplaytester-cvgameroom-2022-107-6868 hours 10' ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2022-174-17911 hours 49' ago Kevin PaceyHomo Simia
Cetina Random Chessyabba83-cvgameroom-2022-173-41211 hours 55' ago Carlos CetinaDmitry Strel
Pembayabba83-cvgameroom-2022-173-61212 hours 32' ago Richard milnerDmitry Strel
Frog Chessplaytester-cvgameroom-2022-169-59513 hours 53' ago Play TesterDmitry Strel
Chess with Different Armiescouriergame-cvgameroom-2022-155-17413 hours 53' ago Play TesterSamuel Hoskins
Chessplaytester-cvgameroom-2022-175-63113 hours 53' ago Play TesterSamuel Hoskins
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2022-48-63813 hours 53' ago Play TesterHomo Simia
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2022-48-63713 hours 53' ago Play TesterHomo Simia
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2022-179-24923 hours 8' ago Homo SimiaAnyone
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2022-179-24823 hours 10' ago Homo SimiaAnyone
Maasai Chesstimurthelenk-numerist-2022-176-9421 day, 7 hours ago Paul RapoportJean-Louis Cazaux
Maasai Chesstimurthelenk-cvgameroom-2022-176-9581 day, 10 hours ago Richard milnerJean-Louis Cazaux
Great Tiger Scout Chesssesquipedalian-cvgameroom-2022-89-9451 day, 13 hours ago Richard milnerDaniel Zacharias
Chinese Chessvighneshjadhav3-cvgameroom-2022-173-7275 days, 5 hours ago Kevin PaceyVighnesh Jadhav
Glinski's Hexagonal Chesscsarmi-cvgameroom-2022-110-8275 days, 21 hours ago Daniel ZachariasMáté Csarmasz
RR vs NN variationmakov333-cvgameroom-2022-135-4156 days, 8 hours ago Vitya MakovMáté Csarmasz
Chess with Different Armiescsarmi-cvgameroom-2022-147-8756 days, 10 hours ago Play TesterMáté Csarmasz
Chess with Different Armiescsarmi-cvgameroom-2022-147-8746 days, 10 hours ago Play TesterMáté Csarmasz


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How to Delete a Log

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