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This page is written by the game's inventor, Lev Grigoriev. This game is a favorite of its inventor.

Board 8x8 Game Mix

Those who read my variants know that I often mention as free libre chess server with open source code. There are some sites which use its main code but they support different games. One of the youngest and most capable is, which supports many board games.

So that site inspired me to create something mixed up.


Classical 8x8 board. Setup is like normal but each King is right hand from Dama if watching from each player’s position (simply, Kings don’t start on same files, like in Makruk).


White: Pawns c2-f2, Checkers a2, b2, g2, h2; Liners a1, h1; Knights b1, g1; Silvers c1, f1; Dama d1 & King e1.

Black has mirrored setup (exc. for central 8th rank pieces). White moves first.


Pawn (P)

It moves as in chess, one (two from start) straight forward passively and takes one diagonally forward. En-Passant is allowed (but not against capturing Checkers).

Checker (C)

It can be rendered as worker who often checks something. It moves exactly as man in international Draughts, but multi-captures are forbidden: it moves passively diagonally forward, but takes a diagonally adjacent piece in any direction away by jumping over it and landing on the next space behind it (yes, it’s not displacement, but I’m not against so). Checker is colorbound (only half of the board is available), but 4 checkers can rock it all.

Liner aka Soucie (L)

Maybe ship, helicopter, or even jetting paratrooper, you can decide. It’s just buffed LoA checker on chessboard. It moves in any orthogonal or diagonal direction at a distance of exactly so much squares how much pieces are on this line (file/rank/diagonal) from both sides, including the Liner. It can leap over pieces. So it moves at different distance in different directions and captures as moves.

Silver (S)

An elephant from Thai Chess, but maybe the general from Shogi. It moves and captures one space diagonally or forward directly. This piece has the most mating potential in the game.

Knight (N)

Normal tricky FIDE horse: (1,2) jump.

Dama aka Draughts King (D)

Some languages call it Dama (lady), so I also left here this option. It moves as king in international Draughts, any number of squares diagonally and takes foe pieces by jumping over them and landing on the next square behind: it can capture up to three pieces per turn, providing they weren’t in row; multi-capture doesn’t change direction.

King aka Chess King (K)

Usual: steps 1 space not into check; no castling.


All pieces have freedom of choice of move. Checkers’ & Damas’ taking is not more obligatory.

You have three paths of winning.

Draw conditions are below.

Pawns and Checkers promote on the last rank (8th for White, 1st for Black). Checkers always turn into Damas, Pawns become Liners, Knights or Silvers (player’s choice).


Even if draughts’ taking is not obligatory, there’s a version where they must capture, but only if player wants to move by them – any other piece can be moved in that turn. 
Also there's a version where Liner can leap only over friendly pieces (as in its native game).

There’s also other variations:

Board 8x8 Mix Chess

where stalemate is a draw while connection doesn’t work at all: checkmate is only legal way to win. In addition, 20 move rule is back 50, and Dama can threaten the King on the last space (simply, checks like Bishop, unobstructed diagonal line), K vs K + 1 piece is always a draw, & K vs K + 2 Knights also (2 Liners probably can, L + N is untested).

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By Lev Grigoriev.

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