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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

great battle 3rd edition

This is the third installment of the series of games called great battle. This can be played on the exotic chess applet just use: rooks for chariots, Abbots for cannons, Camels for elephants, Bulldozers for rams, Godzillas for queens, berolina pawns for pawns,


Uppercase pieces are white


Pieces move as in chess except as stated otherwise. 
Pawns are berolina. 
Chariots are rooks. 
Elephants move as camels. 
Ram: moves as a king but does not take in this manner, to capture moves as king into occupied squares and pushes all pieces in complete line in a
straight line in the same direction can push pieces off board this can happen to friendlies can make elephants and cannons reach every board square along with any other piece that should appear on the board through pawn promotion.
Queen: moves as gryphon or aanca but not adjacent.


1.pawns promote to any piece in setup (or whatever you choose in exotic pieces applet)
2. checkmate wins stalemate and threefold repetition is a draw.
3. no castling.
4. all other rules are as in orthochess


The Cannon is a neat modernization on the xiangqi cannon and the queen was hard to resist. The setup looks pretty neat. to remember king placement in all great battle games remember, "kings are important so they go on the right hand side" Have fun!

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By Andy Maxson.
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