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This page is written by the game's inventor, Lev Grigoriev. This game is a favorite of its inventor.


Horizons is chess-based game on 12x12 board with 5 unordinary new pieces.



Warrior (w)

Warrior is antipod of pawn.

He moves one square forward diagonally (like pawn captures), and captures one square forward (like pawn moves). He also can move two squares by first move. 
Once in the game each warrior can take (capture) 2 spaces forward (if first is empty).

He is one pawn-like piece, who has any ability to checkmate bare king with his king's help without promotion, but previous move of opponent's king should be stupid, or it must be capture (sacrifice of advanced player to checkmate another by single warrior).

Warrior's En Passant is same as Pawn's: if opposite warrior moves from start two spaces to adjacent square aside of your warrior, this warrior can move orthogonally one step forward with taking his agressor.

You can try a variation where it doesn't demote and can capture two straight anytime.

Shielder/Shieldholder (s)

He moves like pawn (incl. double-step on start), and captures one square sideways.

But he has one unique trait: if opponent's piece is standing in the next square forward, he can move one step forward and also move this piece in that direction. Without capture, only replace. He cannot push friendly pieces, another Shielders, more than 2 pieces in row, or to the edge of the board.

Also, he can't be captured by pieces in front of him (no matter orthogonally or diagonally).

Shielder's En Passant is same as Pawn's or Warrior's; if opposite pawn-like piece moves two spaces and stops one square diagonally behind your shielder, or foe warrior goes two spaces, you can step one square sideways to the square where this opponent's piece could be by moving one space, with taking this piece.

You can also try a variation which rejects its defense from frontal captures.

Ox (O)

He moves like letter T with visibly short, but normal vertical line: 2 or 3 spaces orthogonally, or 2 spaces orthogonally and then 1 diagonally, left or right. He can't move if first two squares aren't free, because he isn't leaper. Moving:

Left note: if you will see the Ox in my Stone Garden Chess, you will see his previous movement. Like he was on Horizons — there is his original version. (Maybe oxen are heavier in the city;)). You can try it also, as a variation.

Magician (M)

This is slightly hard piece to understand his moves.

Generally: he moves orthogonally 3 or more squares and goes 1 square diagonally in this direction, or; moves 3 or more squares diagonally and 1 square orthogonally; like Xiangqi Horse which moves farther than 1 step orthogonally before moving 1 step diagonally. On free board he is hybrid of Aanca and Unicorn (from Grant Acedrex) which doesn't go on 7x7 quadrate of squares around him. But his motion's mechanic is like Xiangqi Horse: if he meet ANY piece on his orthogonal or diagonal direction in near 3 squares, he can't move in this direction. At all.
For example, he meets a pawn on 4 squares diagonally (f8 in our diagram), and this pawn (regardless whose) blocks for him squares f9, g8 and h9. Squares f7 and e8 are yet available. So when he meets any piece on his destination (like f5), this doesn't stop him.
And we see that magician is stronger or on bigger board, or on edge of standard board.

So you've probably guessed that he is ranger.

On boards which are smaller than 8x8 Magician can also move 2 orthogonally(diagonally) and 1 diagonally(orthogonally). Try it as a variation.

Zip (Z)

His moves are: 1 step orthogonally, then 2nd straight step and then he starts turning 45° with step, then turning 45° back and stepping, and so on, i. e. 1 or 2 steps orthogonally in start and after moves of Nightrider, WITHOUT moves of Nightrider… his movement's structure is Nightrider-based, but he is ranger and hasn't his moves. Also, if he meets anything on his way, he can't move farther. So it is normal piece, like Ox and Magician, who moves as captures.

So picturesque, like a thunderstrike with lightning!

All other pieces move like in FIDE.


Draw conditions:

En Passant:

All other settings and rules are like in chess.


The inspiration behind this variant is, among other things, the album of 7and5 called "In a Moment's Time" where are 12 tracks with different themes (e. g. weather, hope, memory, etc.). This variant has 12x12 board and 12 pieces' types according to Interactive Diagram. Look at the details – and you'll see that final track of this album is the reprise of fifth track (which gave the name to this album); and Diagram shows 12 while really there're 11 (Warrior is represented as normal and demoted). To be honest, I already don't listen this music at this time, but idea of album is very close to this game.

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