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Shogi is a Zillions-of-Games file. It is categorized as: Two dimensional, Oriental, ShogiBased.

Shogi ZIP file. Optimized ZRFs for Japanese Chess and some recent variants.

Author: Fergus Duniho.


This zip file contains ZRFs for Shogi, Mortal Shogi, and Kamikaze Mortal Shogi. They are bundled together because they share most of the same graphics. The Shogi ZRF is an optimized and finetuned ZRF, written by Fergus Duniho, that plays better than the one that comes with Zillions. It also includes new and improved graphics, designed by Fergus Duniho. These include symbolic pieces, pieces with images of Chess pieces, single-character Japanese pieces, and diagrammatic pieces. It also includes a checkered board and a marble board. Besides these, the graphics that come with Zillions may also be used. The ZRFs for Mortal Shogi and Kamikaze Mortal Shogi were both based on the one for Shogi, and so they share the same improvements.


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The board used for this game has 9 row(s), 9 column(s), 81 cells/squares.
This game is a 2 player game.

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  • Bird Shogi. Tori Shogi, or Bird Shogi. A variant of Japanese Chess on a 7 by 7 board. (7x7, Cells: 49) Inventor: Ohashi Soei.
  • Heian-Dai Shogi. Early Great Shogi. (13x13, Cells: 169)
  • Taikyoku Shogi. Extremely large shogi variant. (36x36, Cells: 1296) Author: Isao Umebayashi and Larry L. Smith.
  • Tunnelshogi. 3-D Shogi variant. (8x(4x4), Cells: 128) By Charles Gilman.
  • Tenjiku Shogi pictures. Photos of a commercial Tenjiku Shogi set. Author: John Lawson.
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