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Photos of Homemade Symbolic Shogi Pieces

Here are some photos of Shogi pieces I designed on a computer, then made out of computer printouts and foamboard. Instructions and graphics for making your own set can be found here:

Click on a thumbnail to view the fullsize image.

This picture shows a closeup of the pieces. It also shows a Pawn on its side to give you a side view of how thick these pieces are.

Here is the end of a game. The King from the photographer's point of view has been checkmated.

Here is a sideview of the start of a game. It looks like we weren't paying enough attention, because a mistake in the setup slipped by.

Here is another view of the start of a game. The mistake in setup is that the Rook and Bishop on the photographer's side are in each other's place.

Written by Fergus Duniho. Photos by David Howe.
WWW Page Created: 20 December 2001.