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This page is written by the game's inventor, Lev Grigoriev.

Radioactive Queen Chess

This variant can clearly explain the abolies of each piece in FIDE, and it's based on FIDE. So it can open new frontiers of chess & its variants.

Inspired by Manchurian Chess.


Karma strikes black back! White hasn't the Queen and minor pieces, but on the first move he/she must drop the unique piece (called Sky Brilliant, Karmium General, Radioactive Queen, Megaqueen, Cyberpiece, Superpiece, etc.; so let's call it Superpiece in this article) into any free back rank's square (so it's counted as a turn). Black is the first player to move his pieces.


All pieces are as in FIDE except for…

Radioactive Queen


She can seem like Amazon (Terror, Maharaja, Khelgi, etc.) but it's much stronger. If Queen is heavy piece, this one is superheavy piece which can:

As itself, Superpiece has very strong ability. It can capture adjacent piece & move one space in any direction after this (i. e. move twice per turn but only if first move is short-range taking; second move can't be capture).

Castling: black can castle as in FIDE rules. White can castle 

even if your King is under check, you can castle to escape, close the line or capture attacking piece. Superpiece can move after castling capture also. Note that you can capture by castling only in case when it's only way to avoid checkmate (if foe piece stands on that square where your acceptor (Rook or Superpiece) will stand after castling) even through this foe piece.

Each side can castle only once per game. Place of castler & acceptor after castling is defined:

Distance between castler & acceptor Castler goes to acceptor's side Acceptor goes to castler's side
1 0 2
2 1 2
3 2 2
4 2 3

En passant: as in FIDE.

Promotions: black promotes his/her Pawns as in FIDE; white promotes his/her Pawns only to Rooks.


Draw occurs if:


Karmium is my created name for 119 element — radioactive alkali metal installed in the diamond which Superpiece carries.
There also will be the variants of

Highly Radioactive Queen

where white hasn't even Rooks, but Superpiece has hit-to-run captures on any target square, not only adjacent (in other words, it can do non-taking adjacent move after every capture); Pawns promote to non-royal Kings (Doublers);

Radioactive Queen Mirror

where all setup, pieces & rules related to white are also related to black (with two versions: Pure RQM and light (but maybe hard for someone) version which also allows one light piece (Bishop or Knight) on any back rank's square to every player) and Pawns can promote to Rooks & Doublers (non-royal Kings), in light version - also to that light piece which player owns; and

Radioactive Queen Atomic

where are the capturing rules of Atomic chess.

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By Lev Grigoriev.

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