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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Larry Smith.

Proselyte Chess

by L. Lynn Smith

Played with the standard equipment, though an extra set of pieces is needed for conversions, and setup of the Mad Queen variant(FIDE).

All pieces move to vacant cells only. Attacked pieces are not removed from play but converted to the player's side.


PAWN steps diagonal or orthogonal. Converts any enemy piece which becomes situated directly, orthogonal or diagonal, between it and another friendly Pawn. Must perform a move to convert enemy pieces.

KNIGHT leaps to the opposite corner of a 2x3 area. Without moving, it may convert an enemy piece which is directly, orthogonal or diagonal, two cells away, regardless of the occupancy of the intervening cell.

BISHOP slides diagonal. Converts an enemy piece by leaping over it, with any cells before and after it vacant. 

ROOK slides orthogonal. Converts the same way as the Bishop, except orthogonally.

QUEEN slides orthogonal or diagonal. Converts the same as a Bishop or Rook.

KING leaps to any cell on the field. Does not convert any pieces.


The game is won by mating the opposing King. Repetition of position is forbidden.


Leaping a King to a corner cell can protect it from most attacks, except that of the Knight. So, occupying or attacking the corner cells can hinder an opponent's defense.

Though the Pawn can make several conversions on its turn, the Knight is only permitted to make a single conversion with its particular attack move.

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By Larry L. Smith.
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