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This page is written by the game's inventor, James Zuercher.


PantherChess follows all the rules of Capablanca Chess (10x8 board) with two exceptions:

Firstly, the Archbishop and Chancellor are replaced with two Panthers per side.

Secondly, the initial position has the minor pieces randomly placed in a mirror-symetric setup.  This results in six possible starting positions.


The Rooks and Royals start as in Capablanca Chess: Kings are on f1 and f8 and the Rooks are in the corners.  The minor pieces are between a Royal and a Rook in a randomized setup.  This results in six possible starting arrangements.

Graphics thru ChessV, Snipping Tool, and Photoshop.


The King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawns all move as in normal chess.  The new piece is called a Panther.  The Panther moves as a Threeleaper (0,3) or a Wazir (0,1).  The Panther can jump over friend or foe.  It can capture on its landing square.

The Panther is the same as Greg Strong's  Scout (but does not have the initial knight move ability).  Thanks to Aurelian Florea for pointing this out.  I have used a Lion icon to represent the Panther.

Panther (and Scout) Moves:


The castling, en passant, etc. rules are all as in Capablanca Chess.


I have 6 .cvc files (one for each starting position) that can be used with Greg Strong's ChessV program.

Email a request for these files if you want them. 

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