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This page is written by the game's inventor, Adrian Alvarez de la Campa.

Moderate Progressive Chess

This variant of Progressive Chess allows players to make less than the maximum number of moves on a turn and restricts players to moving each piece once per turn.


In addition to FIDE rules:

1. A player may move one more piece than his opponent has just moved but may move as few pieces as desired. For example, White may move one piece, Black two, White three, Black four, White two, Black three, etc. A piece cannot be moved more than once per turn.

2. Check must be given on the last move of a turn.

3. Check must be nullified on the first move of a turn.

4. Each move in a sequence must be legal, i.e. a player may not move his King into check.

Conservative Progressive Chess (at the suggestion of Jeremy Good)

This variant is played exactly like Moderate Progressive Chess with one additional rule: A player may only make a capture on the last move of a turn.


If players make the maximum number of moves every turn, this variant will play very much like Portuguese Progressive Chess, but I believe there are strategic reasons for players to "slow down" the progression of moves. Then again, I may be wrong.

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By Adrian Alvarez de la Campa.
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