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This page is written by the game's inventor, Iwer Sonsch.

Decisive Chess

Decisive Chess is played like chess, but for any way the game can end, a winner is found.


1. If the game ends by checkmate, the checkmating player wins.

2. If the game ends by stalemate, the stalemating player wins.

3. If a player has only their King left, the other player wins.

4. If the game ends by repetition or the 50 move rule, the player who made the last "significant change" (capture or pawn move) wins.

5. If a player runs out of time, the other player wins.

6. Players may not offer draws.


This variant was made in an attempt to let players, especially chess engines, learn to fight for and convert the slightest of advantages, as more control over the game means more control over how the game ends.

To achieve this, the rules attempt to strictly favor the player with the better position and more control, shaking up as little as possible aside from removing the option to draw, all while remaining as simple and straightforward as the original rules.

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