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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.


Chessgi was made to bridge the chess-shogi gap. Chessgi comes close but lacks some of shogi's features. Such as promotion rules I have tried to make the gap closer together.


As in orthodox chess.


Queen, knight, bishop and rook move as in orthochess. Kings move normally but with one exception, It is not illegal to move into check, or stay in check. Pawns have no double step and promote upon reaching opponent's pawn row or further promotion is only to queen.


Whenever you capture an opponent's piece you may keep a piece in reserve. pawns can only be dropped on the penultimate rank and when dropped there promote only when moving in there promoted pawns lose their status when captured. You may drop pieces to give check but not checkmate. You may not perptually check the king and you may not make such a move to repeat the same board position three times in a row. Pieces that enter the opponent's ranks gain a king move upon entering, capturing in, or exiting the opponent's promotion zone.


All of these rules were inspired by shogi's rule is some way or another such as it being illegal to rpeat the same board postion three times. If it were to go a step futher the bishops moved as in silverchess and would move normally but also be able to move as silver general and would promote to goldrook on reaching final rank rooks moved as in goldchess and gained teh move of a forwards ferz It still would promote to dragon king. The knights could only move forwards and would promote to nitan which gained the fide knight moves and the forwards camel moves. In this variant pawns promote to goldrook. knights would not be able to land on final rank, (it would have no moves)

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By Andy Maxson.
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