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This page is written by the game's inventor, Aleksandr Kostin.

Chess with magical connections


Chessboard with the pieces in their starting positions.


The power of each piece in chess with magical connections.


The King is unchanged from Chess.



The Queen has an additional Knight's move.



The Rook has an additional Bishop's move.



The Bishop has an additional Knight's move without shifting to the side (Dabbabah move, i.e. a 2‐space orthogonal leap).



The Knight has an additional Bishop's move.



The pawn on its side moves as usual. A pawn on the opponent's side of the field can capture forward.


Chess with magical connections is a type of chess in which a piece changes its properties if it is supported by two other pieces on the same side, meaning that each of the other two pieces could move to its location if it were unoccupied.

The pawn does not gain additional powers from magical connections until it is has crossed to the opponent's side of the board.

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