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Mastodon Chess (8x10)

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

In this 8x10 variant pieces move as in orthodox chess, with the exception of the additional piece, the Mastodon. It jumps one or two squares diagonally or orthogonally (see also Mastodon Chess). It has roughly the same value as Rook + Pawn. The Mastodon jump complements the jump move of the Knight. A Mastodon, together with a King, can give mate to a lonely King. The pawn moves as in orthodox chess, inclusive of the initial double-step and en passant. Castling exists, but the King jumps three squares instead of two. As usual, the Rook ends up beside the King. Promotion rules are the same as in orthodox chess (with the addition of the Mastodon). Under other names the Mastodon (also called Mammoth) appears in Paulovits's game, Renniassance Chess, and Mammoth Chess.

The following preset makes a validity check of Mastodon moves, etc. You can move pieces by clicking on them, also when castling and capturing en passant. At promotion, you will be asked what piece you prefer.

The Mastodon (Mammoth) jumps one or two
squares orthogonally and diagonally.

Mastodon Chess (8x10) (big graphics)

Mastodon Chess (8x10) (small graphics)

You can also download a Zillions implementation here.

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