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Hiashatar. Mongolian Decimal Chess.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Samson Marriner wrote on 2014-09-03 UTCGood ★★★★
according to Bodyguards may only capture 1 square diagonally.

M Winther wrote on 2010-11-23 UTC
I found the lost geocities Hiashatar page in this archive:
Perhaps Chess Variant pages should appropriate it before it disappears? 

Nicholas Wolff wrote on 2010-11-22 UTC
Thank you Jose and Mats for the clarifications. I read and understand everything pertaining to our game now.  I'll let you know if I find anything else.  Thanks!


Jose Carrillo wrote on 2010-11-22 UTC
Thanks for the questions Nick.

I updated the page to address all your concerns.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

M Winther wrote on 2010-11-22 UTC
In my Hiashatar Zillions program I have implemented both variants: (1) the Bodyguard stymies only enemy pieces. It slides two squares and can capture also on the second square. (2) the Bodyguard stymies also friendly pieces.  It slides two squares, but it *cannot* capture on the second square.

The Bodyguard cannot give mate. The knight can always give mate. There is no castling. The Bodyguards are very effective in protecting the king so castling is unnecessary. (The king cannot be threatened from afar on an open line, if it's positioned beside a Bodyguard.)

The Bodyguard cannot affect a knight because the knight only makes one 'step', namely a jump. The Bodyguard always allows one step, also with sliders. If the knight was to be restricted in its movement, it couldn't move at all, which isn't logical, as the sliders are allowed to move.

Nicholas Wolff wrote on 2010-11-22 UTC
Hey Jose!

I did some research on this game and I find many discrepancies between rules of different websites (including yours).  Can you please answer some questions for me?

-Is castling allowed?
-Can knights give mate?
-Some sites claim that a bodyguard blocks ALL sliders (including your own).  I think your way is better.
-I read a rule that if a piece resides next to a bodyguard and tries to move away, it can only move one space.  I think that if this rule was true, it would only affect the pieces that the bodyguard would normally affect (question #3).  I do not think it would affect knights.  Can you address this, too, please?

I think that is it.  Thanks!


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