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Hiashatar. Mongolian Decimal Chess.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Nicholas Wolff wrote on 2010-11-22 UTC
Hey Jose!

I did some research on this game and I find many discrepancies between rules of different websites (including yours).  Can you please answer some questions for me?

-Is castling allowed?
-Can knights give mate?
-Some sites claim that a bodyguard blocks ALL sliders (including your own).  I think your way is better.
-I read a rule that if a piece resides next to a bodyguard and tries to move away, it can only move one space.  I think that if this rule was true, it would only affect the pieces that the bodyguard would normally affect (question #3).  I do not think it would affect knights.  Can you address this, too, please?

I think that is it.  Thanks!