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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniil Frolov.

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Ben Reiniger wrote on 2017-06-19 UTC

Here's a first try at a graphical board:

I edited Graeme's image from a comment in Aug. 2010 to be in the shape of your board.  I didn't work very long to make it look nice, then uploaded it into the appropriate directory.   The values in NextRank (attempt to) align the piece positions with the pentagons.  In GameCourier, using CSS layout actually makes everything line up correctly, but using image layouts (which is forced in the DiagramDesigner) tries to tile the background image and/or doesn't space the pieces correctly.   Per the Developer Guide, 

Your choice of background image affects the width and height of spaces. These are normally determined by which piece set you choose, but when you choose a background image, its values for width and height override other values. If you upload any new images to the backgrounds/ directory, you should contact me (Fergus Duniho) if its cell dimensions are not the default of 50 pixels by 50 pixels or if two asymmetrical images need to be paired together. 

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