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George Duke wrote on Fri, Sep 21, 2007 05:23 PM UTC:Excellent ★★★★★
Ralph Betza's TwiKnight Doubleheader(Rhino) is invented here for Confusion Chess in 1996, usually called Rhino later. It is not colour-switching, but comes to mind when you think about colour-changing. Its 'quasi-mirror' is the KnightTwi, Mirror Rhino, in the same article. Actually, they are both nothing but non-colourbound, like the Rook. We use the Rhino in the series of 20 Immobilized initial arrays under special topic 'Game Design' in 2007, because its being long-range, an opposite-side piece close to King moved may open pathway to distant Rhino, being illegal. Those locked positions are much harder to design than the popular overworked conventional making of standard arrays prolifically, but we need to do one with the counterpart Mirror Rhino. The DoubleRhino, or Bronx, Ralph describes herein combines both and so is two-path[to some of its squares] in the multipath classification. This RBetza article was never commented for 11 years.

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