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This page is written by the game's inventor, Patrik Hedman.

Captain's Chess

Captain's Chess is an expansion of orthodox Chess onto a 9x8 board. The initial setup for the players uses rotation symmetry (rather than the typical mirror symmetry). Bishops, rooks, and pawns promote on each player's eighth rank. Rules for promotion, winning conditions, and castling are modified.



The only new piece in the initial setup is the Captain (C), which moves like a Knight + Wazir compound. That is, in addition to moving as a Knight, it can also step one square horizontally or vertically.

Bishops automatically promote to Crowned Bishops on each player's eighth rank. They are Bishop + Wazir compounds.

Rooks automatically promote to Crowned Rooks on each player's eighth rank. They are Rook + Ferz compounds.


Change of rules from orthodox chess:

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