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84 Spaces Contest

To celebrate its seventh anniversary, the Chess Variant Pages is holding a contest to design a Chess variant with 84 spaces. This is the number of months in seven years, i.e. seven dozen or 7*12. Games can be submitted for this contest till November 30, 2002. The winning games will be decided by a jury. More details can be found here.:

Competing Entries

There have been 33 games submitted to the contest. If you submitted a game for the contest, that is not listed below, please contact us!

Non-competing Entries

  1. Chaturanga 4-84 by Peter Aronson.
  2. Not a Dodgson System Chess, by Hans Bodlaender.
  3. Joko Urtaroak, by Glenn Overby II.
  4. Los Alamos Vierschach, by Jörg Knappen.
  5. Lilliputian Monochromatic Alice Chess. By Peter Aronson.
  6. Star Pool Chess. By Peter Aronson and Tony Quintanilla.

Other Contests

Written by Fergus Duniho and Hans Bodlaender.
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