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Tech Support for User Registration

Email Fergus Duniho. He has written the new code for handling user registration.

Tech Support for Game Courier

If you want to know how to use Game Courier to play games, please consult the Game Courier User's Guide. If you're writing a preset for Game Courier, please consult the Game Courier Developer's Guide. If you still need assistance after consulting the appropriate guide, email Fergus Duniho. He is the one who has created and programmed Game Courier.

Tech Support for Unzipping a File

Zip files may be unzipped with any one of several zip file utilities. Two of the best zip programs available are PeaZip and 7-Zip.

Asking Questions about Chess

Before you ask your question, consult our Rules of Chess page and our various Reference Pages on the Rules of Chess. If you still haven't found an answer to your question, please post your question to our Rules of Chess page, or to the appropariate FAQ page, then check back later for an answer.

Asking Questions about a Chess Variant

When you have a question on a specific Chess variant, post your question on the page for that variant, using our webpage commenting system. This will allow the game's creator or someone else knowledgable about the game to answer your question.

Asking How to Find a Chess Variant

If you're wondering whether we carry a page on a particular variant, you may search for it by browsing our alphabetical index of chess variants (if you know the name of the variant), or by looking at the main index, which breaks down the variants by what type they are. This is helpful if you aren't sure of the name of the variant.

Asking: Which Chess Variants are Best?

This is a matter on which you will find lots of disagreement. Some people hate games that other people love. Although I could give my own personal opinions here, this is not the place to do that. For a list of Chess variants that have generally been acknowledged as good, check out our Recognized Chess Variants page. This includes games belonging to four tiers of popularity, time-testedness, and critical acclaim. Also, check out our Favorite Games list, which is made from the individual votes our members have cast for their favorite Chess variants.

Asking about the Chess Variant Pages

You will find general information on this website, the Chess Variant Pages, on our About the Chess Variant Pages page. This page details what you can find on the pages, the history of the pages, people who have contributed to the pages, information on the founder of the pages, etc...

If this doesn't answer your questions, you may post your question to that page and check back for an answer. Or you may send us email to our general contact address

Asking: Can you help me sell my Chess Variant?

We can include a page on your game for free, and beyond that, we can advertise your game on our pages for an agreed upon fee. This may include banner advertisements and/or more prominent showcasing of your game. Contact Fergus Duniho to make arrangements.

Submitting a Chess Variant

When you submit the description of a game to us, please take the following steps to ensure that we can process it as quickly as possible.

  1. Write your description in HTML, using our HTML guidelines. Write directly in HTML without using a WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  2. Include appropriate graphics. Diagrams may be made using Game Courier or by taking screenshots from Zillions of Games.

You may email your submissions to our general contact address.

Submitting a Piece Article

You should send piece articles directly to Fergus Duniho. Be sure to follow the Piececlopedia Guidelines.

Submitting a Zillions Rules File

When submitting a ZRF, please submit it and its associated graphics together as a zip file. Put all graphics in appropriate subdirectories of the images/ directory, and place the ZRF itself at the root directory of the zip file, not in a rules/ directory. This is so it will conform with the same standards that Zillions of Games asks for in the zip files they publish on their own site. You will need a zip utility to make zip files. Several such utilities are available. Two good freeware utilities for creating zip files are PeaZip and 7-Zip.

You may email your submissions to our general contact address.

Reporting a Game Courier Bug

Report any Game Courier bug to Fergus Duniho, the creator and programmer of Game Courier. Please be sure to include all of the following information:

  1. What is the nature of the bug?
  2. What did you do that revealed the bug?
  3. Does the bug show up in a particular log or game? If so, which log or game?
  4. Does the bug show up after a certain move or sequence of moves? If so, what move or moves?

If the bug appears in a preset written by someone other than Fergus Duniho, please contact both the author of the preset and Fergus Duniho, as the bug might be in the preset code rather than in Game Courier itself.

If you spot a bug while programming a preset for Game Courier, please try to give as much detailed information as you can about the bug. If you think you know the solution to the bug, please share it.

Reporting a Bug in a Zillions Rules File

When you find a bug in a Zillions Rules File, you should contact the author of the ZRF or post your bug report on the page for the particular ZRF. The ZRF page should include a link to a page on the author, from which you should normally be able to find the author's email address. If it is not there, just post your bug report on the ZRF page.

Reporting a Bug with the Website

If you find a bug in the operation of our webpages, please report this to Fergus Duniho, the webmaster for the site.

Updating a Game Description

If you would like to update the description of one of your games, please send us a new webpage to replace the old one with. Be sure to follow our HTML guidelines and to use our templates. Do not download and edit our current webpage, since it will include various generated text that does not actually appear in the HTML file. You may send your updated description to our General Contact address

Correcting a Factual Error

If you find a factual error on one of our webpages, please report it by posting a comment on the page that contains the error.

Finding an Opponent for a Game

We own a Yahoo! Group for the purpose of finding opponents for games. It is mainly for finding opponents for games played on Game Courier, but it may also be used to find opponents for games played by other means.

Sharing your opinion on a Chess Variant

If you would like to share your opinions on a Chess variant, please post them to the page on that variant. This will allow your comments to be read by the game's creator (if he's alive and frequents our site) and by other interested parties.

Helping us out with this website

In case you want to contribute, read how you can do so, with guidelines, etc..

Our Mailing Address

We no longer have a postal address.

General Contact

If you wish to make any kind of general contact with us for any reason, and this page has not given you a more direct route, you may contact us at the following email address:


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