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Horizons. Game with 5 new pieces on 12x12 board. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Bob Greenwade wrote on Sat, Feb 3 09:12 PM UTC in reply to Diceroller is Fire from 07:23 PM:

How to embed Greenwade graphics in diagram?

Personally, I use H.G.'s fen2 tool, by including these lines in the ID code:


Replace the w= and b= numbers with the hex codes for the numbers you want. If you want icons smaller than 50 pixels, change both s= and the squareSize variable to the same number.

Compound pieces can be made by putting the names of both icons, the one in front first, with two hyphens in between, such as pawn--shield. H.G. has a more complete explanation (and a couple of other tricks) on his page for the Diagram Editor with Scalable Graphics (scroll down to Orientation and compound pieces).

You can find a listing of nearly all of the availble icons at this link. (A couple, such as Mountains, I forgot to make slots for.) You can figure out the names from the captions by ignoring anything in parentheses, removing all spaces and punctuation, and typing everything in lower case.