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George Duke wrote on 2009-06-08 UTC
Kasparov played atop the Twin Towers in 1990s. Written after 11.September.2001, ''Whenas the matter settles and air clears'' could refer to the dust cloud settling in that particular whammee. Superficially. Rather, it has nothing to do with those jets. In the end of the seven speakers, with the Rook, you are supposed to realize there have been a double reading and meaning. One, the simple story of Chess comparisons to other arts. Two, a scientific chemical acid-base -- or is it replacement reaction? A double story line as extreme as you can get? In other words, like the Sam Loyd picture you whirl around to change totally with the same features, it reads as complete account both ways. The strongest chemical remarks include Falcon's ''matter settling and air clearing'' which could be within a beaker after all. Also Pawn's ''pathways to higher matter'' and ''change of phase.'' Knight's ''stir-up [not stirrup] of charges.'' Queen's ''copper coins convert...'' Rook's ''Whileas acids balance with a base/ Reaction rates run one way to displace.'' Bishop's lines are oasis of stability in the middle as pure math, mentioning two impossibilities by pen and paper of tri-secting angle and squaring circle.

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