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George Duke wrote on 2009-06-08 UTC
''We humans are only a sparkle in the eye of the evolution of a persistent, sturdy, powerful, single huge life-form on planet Earth.'' --Ricardo Guerrero, biologist. Once Chess was important. In mediaeval Europe Chess Moralities by various authors were exceeded only by the Bible as best-selling, i.e., most hand-copied before printing. All poetry should be allusive and ambiguous to some extent. CMV is the first one to unify the seven pieces as separate speakers and has especially split personality. At first what is ''over your head'' is ''incoherent.'' You've seen those drawings, one by chessist Sam Loyd, that looked at or turned one way is the man on horseback and the other way the damsel in distress, or whatever combination the artist's imagination and skill conjure up -- not too different from a CV with a theme. Trying to do that in this poem, explained in follow-up, is not so successful as other enforcements, such as in CMXVII rhyming all ten syllables across two adjacent lines.

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