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Zillions of Games file for Simple Marseillais Chess


This is a simplified version of Marseillais Chess. It is played like Chess with the following exceptions: 1. Each Player normally has two moves per turn. 2. The second move of a turn is allowed only when no Kings are in check. 3. Although a Pawn may move twice in a turn, it may not make the two-step initial move available in Chess. 4. Pawns may not capture each other by en passant. 5. The object is to capture the enemy King. 6. 3-times repetition is a loss. 7. A player who cannot move must pass. This ZRF requires version 2.0 of Zillions of Games

Download Instructions

The ZRF file and its accompanying graphics are bundled together in a .zip file. These will work with Zillions of Games, a Windows program that will let you play any puzzle or strategy board game you can feed it the rules and graphics for.

Instructions on downloading this Zillions file:

Simple Marseillais Chess is a Zillions-of-Games file. It is categorized as: Two dimensional.

By Fergus Duniho.