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This page is written by the game's inventor, Abdul-Rahman Sibahi.

War of the Roses

I had this idea in my head for a while. It started out as a very circular game played on a circular board .. etc. However, even though the original pieces haven't changed, the board, the pawns and almost all else have.

The idea, simply, is to have an all-circular pieces on a board they can work on.

The reader needs to be familiar with the Circular Riders, and the Halfling Circular Riders. I'll post a link to Ralph Betza's page about them later.



Pieces mentioned here all move differently from standard chess (Knights are not the standard Knights, for example.) However, they're named the traditional way because i am too lazy to fetch up a name for ever piece (!). All the pieces mentioned are Halflings, so they can't make the null move.

* KNIGHTS    : are Roses.
* ROOKS      : are Circular Kings.
* BISHOPS    : are Circular Alibabas.

* QUEEN      : Bishop + Rook
* ARCHBISHOP : Bishop + Knight
* Chancellor : Knight + Rook

* KING       : moves like the Queen but one step at the time. i.e. moves like the standard chess King or like the Alibaba. The KING, however, is a lame leaper. It may not leap over occupied squares or attacked squares.

* PAWNS      : This is a tough choice. Lias pawns (which move like normal pawns except that they have the power to move sideways) sound fine.

Special moves :

* Castling, there isn't any.

* Pawn multiple step: pawns on the fourth rank are entitled a forward double step. Pawns on the third are entitled a forward triple step. Whether the pawn has moved or not is irrelevant. Pawns which moved more one square may be captured en passant.

* Pawns promote, OPTIONALLY, when they make a move that ends in the last two ranks, (even if it starts on on the same rank.)


Pieces and setup are as described. Stalemate is 3/4 points for the player that moved last (like in Glinski's Hexagonal Chess.) Draw may be claimed after 100 full moves (200 plys) without a forward pawn push or a capture.

The Goal is to checkmate the opponent's King.


I seriously hope this game works out, period.

Thank you for reading.



They're not called Lia Pawns, they're called Lias Pawns. Here's Lias's proposal : /play/erf/Lias.html

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