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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel Zacharias.

Tiger Chess

This game was inspired by Grant Acedrex and some ideas I had for enhanced knights and camels. I always liked the setup of Grant Acedrex, using only one row of pieces behind the pawns, even though there is plenty of space for more. It looks elegant, and fits well with the promotion rules, which are also interesting.




The Queen, Bishop, and Rook have their common moves.


The Pawn moves as usual too, including en passant, but promotion is different. When a Pawn reaches the opposite Pawn rank it is immediately promoted to whichever piece began on the file on which it promotes, or a Queen on the King's file. Pawns can never promote to Kings.


The King moves normally, with the exception that if it hasn't moved yet and is not in check it maymake a non-capturing leap up to three squares in any direction.


The Tiger leaps as a zebra and may then slide outward as a bishop.


The Pegasus leaps as a knight and may then slide outward as a rook.


The Astrologer leaps as a camel and may then slide outward as a bishop.


Except as indicated above, all rules are as in Chess, except that the 50 moveo rule is extended to 100 moves to account for the larger board and limited promotion options.


If draws are too frequent, it might be good to add the bare king victory from Shatranj.

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