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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Rich Hutnik.


The basic idea for this game came out of the study of the Tafl family of games.  In the Tafl family, one side is trying to get their king to escape, while the other side is trying to stop them. The objective is to create a version of chess that wouldn't result in draws, and lends to people modifying the game as desired.


Same as in FIDE (Normal) Chess.


Same as in FIDE (Normal) Chess.  White King is considered royal, while the Black King is not royal, and is considered just another piece for the Black side.


Play is the same as in FIDE (Normal) Chess, except for the win conditions:
1. The White player wins the game if they happen to get their king into the last row (the 8th row), the row where their pawns promote.  Capturing the Black player's king
2. The Black player wins if they capture the enemy White King, preventing the White King from crossing the board to win the game.

When playing this game competitively, and more fairly, have both players play each side once (for two games).  The player who wins with both sides wins the game.  In case if both players have won white or black pieces, the the player who their game in less moves, wins the game.

1. Have white and black sides switch goals, so second player ends up winning by getting their king across the board, and White wins by capturing enemy Black King.
2. Change the mix of pieces, even if the mix is not balanced for both sides.


This game was created by Rich Hutnik in October 2008.

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By Rich Hutnik.
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