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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, John Lewis.

Strate-Go Chess

Stratego Chess is a quick variant with similar concepts to Milton Bradley's Stratego.  This should in no way be construed as a challenge to either that games copyrights nor it's trademark.

Piece placement is hidden, players know where opposing piece are but don't know exactly which pieces is which.


Play begins with players taking turns placing pieces on their side of the board. White places first. There are no limitation on where pieces may be places on your own side... (ei:pawns may be place on the first rank.)


The pieces from the Orthodox game are used.  Special pieces which have an image of the piece on one side and are blank on the other side are idea for face to face play.  Online play hides the pieces as needed.


Pieces remain hidden until they capture an opposing piece, at which point they are revealed.

There is no castling, there is no en passante. Pawns may, however, move two spaces if they start on the second row.

The game is won by capturing the opposing King.

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By John Kipling Lewis.
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