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This page is written by the game's inventor, James Zuercher.


SliderChess is based on Capablanca chess (10x8 board) with the Archbishops and Chancellors replaced by two extra Bishops per side.  The minor pieces start between a Royal and a Rook in a random position which is mirror-symetric.


The Kings and Rooks start in the normal position for Capablanca Chess.  Kings on f1 and f8 files and Rooks in the corners.  The two Knights and four Bishops in random positions that are mirror-symetric.  This results in three possible starting positions.


The pieces are all standard orthodox Chess pieces and move as in Chess.


All the rules of Capablanca chess apply except that Pawns cannot promote to Archbishop or Chancellor (which do not exist in this game.)


SliderChess was developed as a complement to LeaperChess.  Both were used in the development of GoshawkChess and PantherChess engines.

I have 3 .cvc files (one per starting position) that can be used with Greg Strong's ChessV computer program.  These files are available by request from the inventor.

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