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Paramount Parafigures

This army for Chess with Different Armies consist of pieces having different powers of movement for capturing moves and non-capturing moves/travels.


The pieces other than King, Queen, & Pawns are replaced with other pieces. In place of the Rooks there are B/N/R Parafigures. In place of the Knights, there are 2 N/R/B Parafigures, & in place of the Bishops are the R/B/N Parafigures.


B/N/R Parafigure

Travels like a bishop, captures non-royal pieces like a knight, delivers check like a rook.

XBetza: mBkcNkR

N/R/B Parafigure

Travels like a knight, captures non-royal pieces like a rook, delivers check like a bishop.

XBetza: mNkcRkB

R/B/N Parafigure

Travels like a rook, captures non-royal pieces like a bishop, delivers check like a knight.

XBetza: mRkcBkN

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