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This page is written by the game's inventor, Lev Grigoriev. This game is a favorite of its inventor.

Kinzoku Shogi

Suddenly created variant, can be good for very little children for learning tactics of Shogi, Chess and other variants.

Regardless its Japanese name, it's NOT Japanese game. Though it's based on Dobutsu, which is entirely Japanese game.


3 columns, 5 ranks. Black: Copper c5, King b5, Silver a5, Soldier b4. White: Copper a1, King b1, Silver c1, Soldier b2.

There are Black & White (Sente & Gote, Shitate & Uwate, etc.). In any case, Black moves first.


Copper General 

It's Chu Shogi piece. It moves one space vertically and forward diagonally. It's good to use him in offense.

Silver General

It's Classical Shogi piece. It moves one space diagonally and forward orthogonally. Silver is universal and the strongest non-royal unpromoted piece in the game.

Soldier (Iron General) & Golden General

Soldier is borrowed from Xiangqi. It moves one space straight forward and sideways. Soldier is good in defense. Also it promotes to Gold on the farthest rank.

Gold is Classical Shogi piece. It moves one space orthogonally and forward diagonally. It's the strongest non-royal piece in the game.


It moves as almost everywhere, one space in arbitrary directions. It's formally the strongest piece in the game, but it cannot move into attacked squares. King is important.


Even if it's like Shogi, there are no drops in this variant. Captured are eliminated. 

Your aim is to checkmate another king or reach the farthest rank by your king.

Draw occurs if 

But if one player has only king on the board, and other player doesn't end the game in the next 5 moves (starting from the first move after capturing the last non-king piece of first player, excluding that capture), first player wins

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