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This page is written by the game's inventor, Piotr Smagacz.

Placement Chess960

Placement Chess960 is a game with similar rules as Chess960, with the difference that the pieces on the chessboard
are placed by players, not randomly, and the orthodox castling rule applies (By John Kipling Lewis).


We start the game by placing the pawns on their fields, then the players start placing pieces.
It should be remembered that before placing a piece, the player copies the opponent's move by placing
identical pieces in the same files on the opposite side of the board.

How players place pieces on the chessboard:
1. Black player - places the king on one selected square, except for the corner squares, i.e. a8 and h8.
2. White player - copies the king's position, then adds two rooks to the right and left of the king.
3. Black player - copies the position of the rooks, then puts two bishops on the squares of different colors.
4. White player - copies the position of the bishops, then puts the queen on one of the selected squares.
5. Black player - copies the queen's position, then adds two knights to the last free squares.


"Orthodox Castling" is used. (By John Kipling Lewis)

Orthodox Castling

This is a move of the King and either Rook of the same colour on the same rank, counting as a single move
of the King and executed as follows: the King is transferred from its original square two squares
in the direction of the Rook (which may move the King over or into the Rook's original square), then that
Rook is transferred to the square the King has just crossed (if it is not already there).
If the King and Rook are adjacent in a corner and the King can not move two spaces towards the Rook,
then the King and Rook exchange squares.

1. The right for castling has been lost:
- if the King has already moved, or
- with a Rook that has already moved

2. Castling is prevented temporarily
- if the square on which the King stands, or the square which it must cross,
or the square which it is to occupy, is attacked by one or more of the opponent`s pieces.
- if there is any piece between the King and the Rook with which castling is to be effected.

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