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This page is written by the game's inventor, Yu Ren Dong.

Groundskeeper Chess

A relative of Huntsman Chess . Each player would move his non-royal pieces as any-owner Hunt Trophies whichever are standing on adjacent squares.


White King: a1 White Stone: a3 b2 c1 Black King: h8 Black Stone: f8 g7 h6


1. King may step orthogonally or diagonally into one square which is empty or occupied by Opponent's Stone.  King leaves behind a friendly Stone, after capturing an Opponent's Stone. 

2. Trophies are the pieces which are not movible nor being captured. 

3. Stone's movement and capture are accroding to any-owner Hunt Trophies on orthogonal or diagonal adjacent squares.  Stone only can capture
Opponent's King.

Ferz: Stones may make a (1, 1) step.
Vizir: Stones may make a (1, 0) step.
Dabbabah: Stones may make a (2, 0) leap.
Elephant: Stones may make a (2, 2) leap.
Knight: Stones may make a (2, 1) leap.
Camel: Stones may make a (3, 1) leap.
Cannon: Stones may slide on row or column, captures by jumping.


1. Players alternate move one of their own pieces a move or drop
one of their own seven Hunt Trophies on any empty square. 

2. The object of the game is to checkmate Opponent's King.


Simple chess variant invented by Yu Ren Dong in Nov 2009. It is his fourth Chess variant.

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By Yu Ren Dong.
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