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Expansion Chess

This, as my another variant, Fluidity, is made for Lichess, and idea of this variant was my first variant of chess' idea created by me. But on Lichess, big free chess site with billions of games and tens of thousands moves per second, his developer, Thibault Duplessis, doesn’t need it, I write it here.

It can be in Lichess because standard setup and pieces.


Every move must be legal in FIDE rules.
If you have 1 piece on opponent’s half of board after his move, you gain 1 point. More your pieces are there after opponent’s move – more points you gain, i. e. you get 1 point per 1 your expanding piece. 
Points are accumulating, because you get points after each move. You collect them for winning.

You win if:

It’s draw if:

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