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Building chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Building Chess

This is a set of presets for Sergey Sirotkin's Building Chess, and variants. According to the rules, every player adds squares of their own color. I propose playing without this rule, because in some boards it gives a player an unfair advantage. Besides, it's completely illogical on hexagonal boards. PS: The original rule, however, prevents the king from running away indefinitely.

To add squares just write something like: ( e5- ). This will place a square in the designated position. (If this doesn't work, add a king of your color in this square then move this king to your original king's square. Not the best solution there is, but it works.) The four corner squares are only there to remind the players that they can add squares without limits, they serve no special purpose. (However, for reasons to do with the way the presets are made, it is impossible to have an infinite board. Therefore the players are restricted to the 25x25 matrix, 30x25 in case of the hexagonal board.)

Gardner Minichess setup

Diana setup

Los Alamos setup

Gardner Minichess rules

Diana rules

Los Alamos rules

Mad Queen setup

Diamond Chess setup

Mini HexChess setup

Mad Queen rules

Diamond Chess rules

Mini HexChess rules

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