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Shatranj of Troy is played on a 9x9 field. Each player starts the game with a TROJAN HORSE which carries a FERZ, WAZIR, ELEPHANT, CAMEL, KNIGHT and ROOK.

Captured pieces become the property of the captor and may be dropped on a vacant cell of the playing field as a move. PAWNs may not be dropped on the last rank.

When a TROJAN HORSE is captured, its cargo may then become the property of the captor. The specific cargo of a TROJAN HORSE will be noted by the color of the `T` in its graphic.

The game is won by checkmating the opponent KING. A player left with only the KING loses the game.

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Author: Larry L. Smith. Inventor: Gary K. Gifford.
Web page created: 2005-11-19. Web page last updated: 2005-11-19

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