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This page is written by the game's inventor, M Winther.

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In Reformed Chess a pawn situated on the enemy side can change place with an enemy pawn standing before it. If a pawn has passed the middle line and can move forwards to a square occupied by an enemy pawn, then the two pawns can change place. Otherwise regular rules apply.

Although the pawn, in a sense, is stronger, it is also more vulnerable, while it has lost much of its blocking capability. It's now more rewarding to expand your territory, and it can be dangerous to play passively with your pawns. Endgames are much more likely to end in a win.

A Zillions program and more information is here.

(Note that there is also an alternative variant where the pawn can swap with an enemy piece located on the last rank, except the king. This particular variant is implemented as a Courier Preset for email chess: Reformed Chess)

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