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Sir Bombalot:

Sir Bombalot is a variant of chess with pieces offering a myriad of different options at any given time. There are seven different pieces that do everything from jump multiple pieces to freezing those of your opponent's. When any of these pieces are used in combination they can drastically change the terrain of the board, altering both yours and your opponent's strategies in a moment's notice.

Sir Bombalot is a fun, exciting, and challenging game. You can learn on your own against the computer, play your friends on a local network or across the Internet, or meet and play others on our own online world.

Based upon a game invented by Bruce Harper and Duncan Suttles in the 1960's, this game becomes more of a strategic, fast paced battle than chess. Each piece can do so many things that the possibility far outweighs its predecessor.

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Inventor: Bruce Harper and Duncan Suttles.
Web page created: 1998-12-07. Web page last updated: 2006-11-11

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