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So what's YOUR favorite?. Yeah, we've got a list of recognized variants. But what games are YOUR personal favorites?[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2021-01-15 UTC

I didn't know we had this page. We now have a system that allows people to mark their favorites and adds up how many people have favorited each game.

Walker wrote on 2021-01-15 UTC

I like: Cardmate, Ultima, Typhoon, Scirocco, and Chess With Different Armies.

Super Bishop wrote on 2013-06-11 UTC
Well, I have always had a penchant for three kinds of chess variants:

Different armies/ Asymetric play: 
Fantasy Grand Chess.  
I actually sometimes create totally messed-up armies that are too unstadard to be Betzian "different armies".

Odd pieces: 
Ganymede Chess and relatives/Centennial Chess/Microorganism Chess.  
Again, I love making CVs with these.

Variants with the same pieces and with epic changes: 
2000 A.D./
European Chess.  
Another area of Chesspertise.  Ha ha ha.

Will Egan wrote on 2012-10-04 UTC
I like:
AAUUGGHH!! chess (probably misspelled the name)
Pick-your-team chess
Augmented chess
Wormhole chess
csipgs chess

Will Egan wrote on 2012-10-04 UTC
I like:
AAUUGGHH!! chess (probably misspelled the name)
Pick-your-team chess
Augmented chess
Wormhole chess
csipgs chess

Anonymous wrote on 2010-03-30 UTC
I can't find 'Castle danger', give a link, please!

Yu Ren Dong wrote on 2010-03-30 UTC
I love CWDA, Rococo, Castle Danger and  Tenjiku shogi.

Anonymous wrote on 2010-03-29 UTC
Give me, please, links to these games:
Lao Tzu Chess;
Pillars of Medusa;
Dr. Who chess;
The Travelers;
Time travel chess;
- i can't find them.
My favourite non-recognized game, wich i already played (there are also
games, i did not played yet, but liked and wanted to try them later) is
American chess:

JorgKnappen wrote on 2008-10-29 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
The excellent is for asking this really good question. I want to list these

1. Chu Shogi A big shogi variant introducing lots of interesting pieces.
And it has a players' community as well (even organised and with

2. Tai Shogi A very big shogi variant with pieces no westerner has even
dreamt about like the hook movers.

3. Sons of Mithra A chess variant with very much flavour in it. It has
creative pieces, creative methods of capturing, and the traces of sound

4. Seperate Realms Chess A good example of how a rather restrictive idea
leads to an excellent game.

5. Perfect 12 I love Cazaux' style in chessvariant design and this one is
a good example. Don't miss the other games by him!

John Ayer wrote on 2006-10-06 UTC
My favorite is Courier Spiel. The reason is very simple: the game is great fun to play. It does have a number of interesting symmetries.

John Lewis wrote on 2006-10-06 UTCAverage ★★★
My favorite variants are:

1. Lao Tzu Chess

The game is everything that regular chess isn't.  Lively and exciting.
Unexpected events happen.  Strategy and tactics still rule the game
without lucky set-ups ruining the fun.

2. Dark Chess (King Capture)

Classic!  I love the idea that my opponent is currently in check, but has
no idea I'm about to take his King!

3. One I'm working on. ;-)

I'll show it when it's ready.

Stephen Stockman wrote on 2006-09-15 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
My all time favorite is 4-Way Chess.

I'm beginning to enjoy Moderate Progressive Chess, especially against an
evenly matched opponent.

Pillars of Medusa by Gary Gifford is an incredible cerebral experience if
you're ready to go into deep thought exercises.

And now another new game. DELUXE CHESS, similar to Double Chess, allows an
extra Queen to the lower rated player to even the playing field. Very fun
in over the board play, and now ready to play on the courier.
Challenger's wanted.

Greg Strong wrote on 2006-09-15 UTC
Hea, Cavebear.  I agree with your list, Shogi and Chess with Different
Armies being my personal favorites.  I enjoyed Doublechess and Omega Chess
as well, but I think Omega Chess is probably better on a 10x8 board (with
the corner squares) - I think it takes a very long time for the position
to develop to a level of tension on such a large board.

P.S. If you would consider selling one of your sets of Omega Chess pieces,
please let me know.  When I tried to buy a set I was told that they were
out and didn't plan to make any more.

Jeff \ wrote on 2006-09-15 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
This survey is a great idea.  I really like asking musicians what they
listen to, poets which other authors they enjoy.

Here are my favourite variants:

1.  Doublechess.  I logged hundreds of hours playing this game when I was
younger, and later I found it was also useful as a coaching tool.
2.  Shogi.  I suspect that my affinity for 1. has something to do with
this.  That plus I used to work in Japan.  Great with sake.  
3.  Scirocco.  I've played more of this variant against my computer than
any other, including my own variants.  Quirky but fun.
4.  Omega Chess.  Of the many decimal chess variants, I enjoy this one
most.  I think the 'wizard' and 'champion' pieces are cute, so I
about five of these sets.
5.  Chess with Alternate Armies.  Thank you Ralph Betza:  This variant
really helped my understanding of chess variants grow.  Sometimes
asymmetry is more fun than symmetry!

Honourable Mention:  Handicap games.  I really believe that handicapping
games is a very good idea for encouraging weaker players to continue
playing.  Some good handicap options definitely fall into the 'chess
variant' category.  



Abdul-Rahman Sibahi wrote on 2006-09-15 UTC
Alice Chess, recognized, but it is THE favourite chess variant.

Emm .. I like the idea of Modern Courier Chess be Paul Byway. Here's a

Arnold Mayer wrote on 2006-09-14 UTCGood ★★★★
My favorite is: GALA Gala is a 'chesslike game' only for someone who never has played this game. After playing Gala you will know: it's a class of its own!!!! Mats Winther has created a Gala version for Zillions (don't know why there is no link to this great game on ChessVariants), you can find it here:;id=1281 Hope Gala will be your favorite 'chessvariant' tomorrow!!! ;)

Jared McComb wrote on 2006-09-13 UTC
To Mr. Gilman: there is a reason that I suggested people try to disclude Recognized variants. ;)

Charles Gilman wrote on 2006-09-13 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
As well as excluding one's own variants it might be a good idea to
excluding FIDE Chess as that is so familiar to most members to be
advantaged. IUt cvertainly is in my case. East Asian members might
exclude their respective national standard games too, although as a
European I feel free to include them. Following these rules, my own
favourites overall are:
	1 Shogi - many of its features appeal to me;
	2 Monteiro's 3d - showed me how to simplify some of my own 3d variants;
	3 Wildebeest - extending two-each-of-duals-plus-compound really appeals
to my mathematical side;
	4 Bachelor - win-by-marriage adds a new twist to many Queenless
	5 Eurasian - this was the variant that won me over to the Cannon piece
and its ilk.

My top 5 recognised are 1 Shogi, 2 Wildebeest, 3 Courier, 4 Xiang Qi, 5

My top 5 unrecognised are 1 Monteiro 3d, 2 Bachelor, 3 Eurasian, 4
Bird/Capablanca/Carrera, 5 Circular.

Among runners-up I would include the Korean, Mongolian, and Thai national
variants together with Duke of Rutland, Maharajah+Sepoys, Timur's,
Toccata, and Yang Qi. These are alphabetical listings without internal

Ed Trice wrote on 2006-09-13 UTC
Gothic Chess

But I think my opinion is biased :)

Sam Trenholme wrote on 2006-09-10 UTC
Anything endorsed by a world Chess champion:
  • Capablanca Chess
  • Fischer Random Chess
  • 'Advanced Chess' (a.k.a computer assisted Chess)
- Sam

David Paulowich wrote on 2006-09-10 UTCGood ★★★★
[Grand Cavalier Chess] and [Shako] are games I wish I had invented. [Chess with Different Armies] and [Pocket Mutation Chess] and [Wormhole Chess] are games that I could not hope to invent.

Ed wrote on 2006-09-09 UTC
My favourites are:

1.  Shogi
2.  Tori shogi
3.  Yonin shogi
4.  4-handed chaturanga (without dice)
5.  Chosen (i.e., Korean) shogi

Calvin Pomerantz wrote on 2006-09-09 UTC
Dr. Who chess (My favorite one that I invented)
Time travel chess (I did not invent)

Joseph DiMuro wrote on 2006-09-09 UTC
Just did a double check... looks like Optima isn't on the site anymore. Guess I'll have to stick in Nova Chess as a replacement. (Apologies to Michael Howe :-D)

Joseph DiMuro wrote on 2006-09-09 UTC
After I think about it for a while longer, my list may change. But here are the five that came to mind today (in no particular order) 1. Chess With Different Armies 2. Centennial Chess (along with the other variants in John William Brown's book Meta-Chess) 3. Scirocco 4. Optima 5. Wizard's War

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