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John Shawcross wrote on Sun, Jan 9, 2005 01:50 AM UTC:Good ★★★★
At our chess club in Winchester MA USA we now have an annual 'Herbert
Handicap' tournament which is run as a Swiss 4 round tournament with
in every game, ranging from the weaker player having white to  queen odds
at 1000 rating points difference. Details on the web page at

We also incorporate the 'Herbert take back rule' that allows the weaker
player one take back per game so long as it is before the other player
moves. This rule was instituted as the donor of the trophy W. James
Herbert has a habit of taking a move back in friendly games if he
it was a blunder!

We also had an all Summer long team competition at our local Starbucks
coffee house that used odds to even up the sides.  

We do this because we have about equal numbers of adults and young
and it is nice for the kids to have a chance against the more experienced

It's a wonderful life!

John Shawcross

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